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Interior Design: Things To Keep In Mind

Here are some tips to take in when deciding on the interior design of your home. 

Seek inspiration  

There are endless places you can seek interior design inspiration from, online blogs to social media platforms. Many social media platforms can help such as Pinterest, Instagram or even Facebook. When inspired you can create your own mood board with all your different ideas and start from there. 

Consider different colours and materials 

There are many different colours and materials you can choose from for your home. For example, you can have a leather sofa or polyester sofa. Don’t forget about the walls and floors! Wooden floors or laminate? You also need to consider the colour you want to make the walls in each room. Here are some of the most popular materials and colours used in homes.  


  • Wallpaper 
  • Leather 
  • Velvet  
  • Wood 
  • Laminate 
  • Carpet 


  • Grey tones  
  • Green tones 
  • Blue tones 
  • Nude tones  
  • Red tones  

Always remember to measure correctly 

 One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when you buy something for your home and then it doesn’t fit. Like when you buy new curtains for your home and they end up being too small. Or like when you bought that new sofa, but it doesn’t fit through your door way. You should always dedicate time to measure everything correctly to avoid any problems. Here are some things you should remember that you will need to measure at some point. 

  • Window width 
  • Doorway width 
  • Hallway width 
  • Stair width  
  • Bed and sofa width  

Add signature furnishings  

Signature furnishings such as pillows or ornaments, there are many different things you can add to your home to make it more homely and fill in those missing gaps in the home. There are many different furnishings you can add to your home to make it feel more yours. For example,  

  • Pillows  
  • Centrepieces  
  • Ornaments  
  • Photo frames 
  • Mirrors 
  • Art work  
  • Vases 
  • Plants  
  • Candles 

 The Spruce / Michelle Becker 

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Interior Designs You Wont Want To Miss Out On.

Here are interior design looks of 2022 you should see and won’t want to miss out on!

Interior Design Ideas

1. 3D Art

Are you wanting to add something intriguing and eye catching? Any art that pops off the wall can be viewed in a variety of different ways.

2. Multifunctional Rooms

Live with less! After Covid-19 people have had to be more imaginative and make use of the rooms they already have. Instead of building an extension why not have a multifunctional room? A multifunctional room is a room with two or more uses. For example, having an home office and a mini personal gym in the same room.

A multifunctional room is a room with two or more uses. For example, having an home office and a mini personal gym in the same room.

3. Statement Lighting

Many are on the hunt for decorative and statement lighting. everyone loves a bright bold room. There are many types of lighting ideas such as sculptural or decorative lighting, vintage lighting and colourful lighting. Take all of these into consideration.

4. Copper elements interior design

Copper elements are going to be a big thing! we’ll see copper start to take over from the very popular brushed brass bringing a fresh new finish and striking aesthetic.

Curved furniture is a big thing right now! Curves are both feminine and forgiving which makes someone instantly more comforting. This interior design is going to become really popular in 2022.

5. Curved furniture

Curved furniture is a big thing right now! Curves are both feminine and forgiving which makes someone instantly more comforting. This interior design is going to become really popular in 2022.

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Curved furniture is a big thing right now! Curves are both feminine and forgiving which makes someone instantly more comforting. This interior design is going to become really popular in 2022.

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Working From Home? Create The Perfect Office Space

Many find when they start working from home, they don’t end up getting much done. This is mostly because you associate being at home with relaxing and unwinding, so it makes you not want to work. So, if you are exclusively working from home, it may be beneficial to create an office space in your home.  

You might have some concerns due to the lack of space you have in your house. However, your office space doesn’t have to be a whole room or a huge space. Here are a few tips which will help you create and nice working environment for you.  

Choose the right space –  

Deciding where to place your home office is a very important factor in how much work you will get done. If you set up your office in your lounge area where people come and relax, you will become unfocused. You may want to find a little wall area in your home and place a desk in that space. Hallways are a great option. Although if you do have the room to create a large office space you should decorate it and make the space your own.  

Decide on a colour scheme –  

Home offices work best when the person working in them is enjoying their space. So, you should fill that space with colours that you associate with warmth and happiness. Although, it is advised to go with brighter colours to motivate and lighten your mood and to make you more productive.  

Consider buying an adjustable desk – 

There is so much research that shows sitting for long periods is bad for your health. This is why it might be a good idea to invest in a standing desk. A standing desk is a tall desk where you work standing up, however, most of these desks are adjustable so you can also sit down. Many people like these desks because they improve productivity, focus, and heart health.  

Add some plants –  

A few green plants won’t only add a dash of colour to your office space but also increase your happiness and stress. In fact, a study has shown a couple of plants can increase productivity by as much as 15%.  

Wire management –  

Managing your wires can go a long way towards improving the functionality and aesthetic of your office. You can use zip ties or Velcro wraps to keep your wires together and organised. When you are organised and it will be easier to locate your laptop or phone charger or any cord you are looking for.  

Get natural light –  

One of the first rules to building a nice home office is to get plenty of natural light. Another study has found that 40% of workplaces with natural light experience 3% – 40% improvements in productivity. As well as, natural light just feels better, so you should try positioning your desk in a well-lit room.  

Investing in Your Home Office - Top Tips for Success While Working from Home  - Travel Professional NEWS®

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10 ways to modernise your old house and make it feel brand new

As the saying goes don’t move, improve. Especially if you love your house but want to modernise it to become more of your style. Adding affordable improvements can also add value to your home and can maximise how you use it.

Remove walls – 

removing the walls between the dining and living room or even the kitchen can transform an older home. Creating an open plan living space and making the room feel airy and modern, without damaging the character too much. 

How to Divide an Open-plan Space With a Half-wall | Houzz UK

Replace or clean the flooring –  

If the older house has a dirty carpet, it would be best to either clean it or buy a new one and make the space feel fresh. And if the flooring is wood or dark in colour to modernise the place you should opt for a lighter colour choice. 

▷ How to replace carpet with vinyl flooring? And why? | L'Antic Colonial

Paint the walls – 

The walls in outdated houses often have crazy wallpaper or dark paint on them. To make your home modern you need to choose colours that will tie your home together. This is an affordable easy way to transform your house quickly.  

Bright Pieces gallery wall - White and gold - desenio.co.uk

Install larger windows –  

By replacing the old windows with larger ones or by adding bi-fold doors it can open up a space. By doing this you will be creating indoor/ outdoor living which has become a very popular style of home design.   

50 Living Rooms with Big Windows (Photos) - Home Stratosphere

Replace old fixtures  

From light switches to cabinet handles, fixtures can really date a home. Update these common fixtures in your home and they will bring your design.  

  • Light switches 
  • Outlets and plugs 
  • Cabinet hardware 
  • Door handles  
  • Indoor and outdoor light fixtures 
Modern Nordic Lighting | Wayfair

Hide the clutter –  

Having numerous ornaments, pictures and magazines can instantly make a home feel outdated and uninviting. Having multi-functional furniture and hidden storage is a simple way to declutter and give your space a modern feel.  

Amazon.com: HOMCOM 39" Modern Lift Top Coffee Table Desk with Hidden  Storage Compartment for Living Room, Coffee Brown Woodgrain : Home & Kitchen

Add new lighting to your home – 

Having proper lighting can bring a room to life. A poorly lit room looks small, dark, and cramped, while a bright room appears open and welcoming. The easiest way of doing this is by adding lamps to dark areas and replacing the ceiling lights.  

Lenny Smoked Glass Table Lamp | Dunelm

Landscape the garden – 

 Landscaping is often overlooked. Planting more trees and flowers or having freshly cut grass can transform the garden and the look of the house. Many outdated houses have overgrown plants or plants that need a lot of love. To modernise the house, you should show just as much care to the outside as you do on the inside.  

9 Peter Fudge Gardens ideas | modern garden, landscape design, outdoor  gardens

Revamp the fireplace –  

A fireplace is a great focal point to a room. However, because fireplaces first became popular in the 70s and 80s you may need to make some changes for them to become modern. 

Traditional or Modern Fireplace? | Heat & Glo

Refresh or replace internal doors –  

You can give any room an update with a new door. By repainting or adding glass windows to the doors it can transform the entire layout of a home. Glass doors create an open-plan area without removing any internal walls, which is perfect for families.

An inspiring guide to French door perfection.

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Everything You Should Know About Home Elevator Before Purchasing

To some people installing an elevator in their home might be a luxury, saving you walking from one floor to another. However, too many other people living in a multi-story home might come with some concerns. Especially if you face physical limitations, as a result of injury, surgery, or age.  

Types of home elevators –  

Cable-driven elevator –  

This type of elevator is powered by a cable wound around a drum. These are some of the most well know elevators, they are typically seen in commercial buildings and stores. Elevators with dedicated shafts require a pit and machine room in addition to the shaft itself to operate. They are also the most cost-effective when built into new construction. The average prices for this type are £15,000 – £26,000. 

Glass Cable Elevator - Octagonal - Elevators | Nationwide Lifts

Chain driven elevator –  

Similar to a cable-driven however this one is powered by a chain wound around a drum. The benefits of the chain rather than the cable are that is it more durable. It requires less maintenance and doesn’t need to get replaced. They also don’t require a machine room so it saves space. The average price for this is around £15,000 – £37,000 

What are the Common Types of residential elevators? - Kravelv

Hydraulic –  

This is powered by a piston that travels inside a cylinder. The cylinder connects to a system that pumps fluid, usually oil to control the movements. They do not require a machine room as the power system is contained in the elevator shaft. However, the builders would need to dig a pit below for the shaft. Because of this, it would be relatively simple to fit into a home. The price for this would be around £15,000 – £37,000 

Home Lift: Residential Home Elevators in Hyderabad, Telangana |Celcius  Systems

Pneumatic elevator –  

Finally, this one uses a vacuum system within a tube to power the elevator’s movement. The futuristic design adds an element of interest to home décor. Because it is vacuum-powered, it doesn’t require a pit or a machine room, making it easy to install in homes. The prices vary from around £26,000 – £37,000 

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators | Morning Star Elevator

How safe are home elevators?  

Modern home elevators are very safe. With safety codes, local building codes, and extra safety measures, home elevators today are designed to ensure a high level of safety.  

What happens if it gets stuck?  

If the elevator gets stuck between floors you should have an emergency phone installed. You can use this phone to call an emergency operator and they will send someone to help you exit the elevator. You should never try and exit the elevator yourself if it gets stuck.  

How much space is needed for an elevator?  

A home elevator typically won’t be more than 18 square feet, and an elevator with a shaft usually needs about 5 square feet of shaft space.  

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Interior Design Vs An Interior Architect: Understanding The Differences

interior architecture is often confused with architecture, interior design, and interior decoration. For a considerable amount of time, the debate as to the difference between the terms ‘Interior Designer’ and ‘Architect’ has continued to gather momentum. So, find out what the differences between an interior designer and an interior architect are.

What is the difference between an interior architect and an interior designer?

An interior designer focuses on the actual furnishings and decoration of the interior. Whereas, an interior architect designs building interiors and space planning.

What does an interior architect do?

The role of an interior architect is that they “blend art and science together”. They must take into account the functionality, safety, and appearance of the building. This takes a lot of skill and careful consideration throughout the design process.

Architectural Drawing 2 Result | Interior architecture design, Interior  design sketches, Interior design renderings
interior design drawing

What does an interior designer do?

Generally, interior designers will work with you to design your space to suit your style, budget, and brief. Sometimes the designer will also purchase and install the furniture for you.

What are the differences between the two? There are many similarities between the roles of interior architect and interior designer. However, there are also some differences between the two jobs:

  • You need a license to become an architect. – One of the or differences is that all architects must have a license to call themselves architects and to practice architecture.
  • Interior design is more about aesthetic. – This profession focuses on space planning, creating cohesive and aesthetically pleasing designs for home interior and businesses.
  • Interior architects and structural renovations. – The interior architects will design the structure and get involved on a more technical level. They also work with builders, contractors, and technicians.

Work environment –

Interior architects usually divide their time between working in offices and working on construction sites. When in the office, they meet with clients to discuss projects, use computers to make plans, and develop budgets and timelines for projects.

They may also meet with other architects, engineers, interior designers, and construction managers to create more complex projects.

Interior designers also divide their time between working in offices and traveling for work. Then they are in the office, they usually meet with clients, research materials and décor options, and use software to create designs.

When they travel, they may meet with vendors to look for or retrieve materials, or they might go to client sites, where they carry out their design plans.

Interior Design Basics: 5 Interior Design Tips for Beginners - 2021 -  MasterClass

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Architecture & Building

7 Types Of Expert Architects And What They Design

Residential Architects 

Firstly, the residential architect’s design homes. they work with the homeowners designing custom homes or adjusting existing home plans. These architects also work closely with developers and home builders. Most of these architects will be dealing with clients directly and they will be handling many other tasks. 

Architecture & Design

Commercial Architects 

Commercial architects design buildings with a commercial purpose. This includes: 

  • Hotels 
  • Office buildings/ Skyscrapers 
  • Bridges 
  • Schools 
  • Museums 
  • Government buildings 
  • Anything that’s not a residential home 

Commercial architects are a very important branch of this career path. They will mostly work with businesses rather than individuals and they help design larger commercial properties. People who design commercial projects need to have an understanding and knowledge of building and engineering. However, many architects like this role because the buildings they create become important parts of the cities.  

Here's How Much Architects Earn In Every State

Landscape Architects 

A landscape architect focuses on creating outdoor spaces for people to enjoy. They create outdoor structures in spaces such as parks, college campuses, garden areas, and more. They also design the paths and the layout of the outdoor area.  

To be successful in this line of work you will need to have a lot of knowledge about plants and what is going to work well in the environment you are working with. The location of each landscape is planned out very thoroughly because it has to engage the public and pique their interests.   

Why Do Some Graduate Landscape Architects Have a Poor Understanding of  Planting? - Land8

Interior Design Architects 

Many say interior design architects are just as important as the ones that design the building. In addition, they need to make sure that the interior elements are looking as good as possible and they understand how to get the most out of your living space.  

Those who are working as interior design architects will need to have a lot of understanding of design elements. They will need to know everything about different fabrics that are available. Many people consider interior architecture an art form because it involves a lot of pairing colours and matching different elements.  

10 Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes in Interior Design

Urban Design Architects 

Urban design architects have the interesting challenge of making an entire area as beautiful as possible. The designer will be tasked with something such as designing a neighborhood. They need to plan the entire layout of the block for example where the houses will go, features such as trees and shrubs, maybe even a park adding some beauty into the area.  

A large project like this provides the chance for an architect to show off their overall skills. It is a great responsibility serving an entire community and it will be challenging but also fulfilling.  

Urbanism (Planning & Design) - Architecture & Urban Design - Research  Guides @ Fordham at Fordham University Libraries

Green Design Architects 

These architects are specifically trained to be able to design homes to be as environmentally friendly as they can be. With environmental concerns at a high, people are thinking about the impact they are having on the environment. You need to be able to design the homes to use as many renewable energy sources as possible while also considering the materials the home is using.  

The architects trying to make homes green will keen a lot of knowledge in specific areas. Understanding how to use the natural properties of the sun and the shade will be important. Aerodynamics often plays a key role. 

Amazing Projects That Take Green Architecture To New Heights

Industrial Architects  

Finally, an industrial architect is able to translate and integrate the different processes, machinery, equipment, and other requirements of a specific industry into a functional building design. Industrial facilities are designed by professional architects.  

A professional is going to be able to design the facility in a way that will operate as efficiently as possible. They can get the most out of the space and ensure that everything looks great too.  

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Minimalist Design Taking Over? Everything You Need To Know

What is Minimalist Design? 

Minimalist interior design is very similar to modern interior design. The design involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space.  It is characterised by simplicity, clean lines and a monochromatic palette with sometimes a small amount of colour.  

Why it Became Popular

Minimalist design has been popular for a long time, but it’s become even more so recently. It is popular because it works well with a lot of designs and has many benefits. Minimalist architecture became popular between the 1960-1980s. This is because in London and New York architects and fashion designers worked together in boutiques to achieve simplicity. They used white elements, cold lighting, and a large space with minimum objects and furniture.  

Why is Minimalism a Trend Today?

Most millennials have reported that they prefer to spend their money on experiences then on material things such as furniture and décor. This has marked a shift in priorities from people just a generation ago.  

Positives and Negatives of Minimalist Interior 

There are a lot of positives and negatives to this design for example: Minimalist interior is good because the spaces are instantly recognisable for their clean, crisp, and clutter free look. Studies have shown that decluttering your space helps declutter your mind, and creates a sense of visual calm. However, with the minimalist interior, you could run the risk of feeling slightly soulless and it can optimize your mental health.  Having the worry of creating a mess and focusing on only having things you need can cause people a lot of anxiety. Whereas, with some people, the minimalist interior is great because the brightness leads to less stress, and because of the minimal furniture the occupant doesn’t feel cramped. 

Many people have a fear of the minimalist design because they fear that it wouldn’t be homely without warm or bright colours and clutter. Designers and architects like to add different textures such as: timber, glass, pottery, cloth and canvases. They have found that using these textures make the home feel fuller and warmer and adds more character.  

If you are trying to become a minimalist the best way to start is to pick a good base colour and build around that. Also choose smaller, nicer pieces of furniture so it doesn’t bulk up the room. You shouldn’t try to hide stuff places either, because it will end up creating clutter again. And you shouldn’t involve needless items in your designs.  

 Minimalist Interior Design for a living room
A Minimalistic Living Room