House Renovation

House Renovation

The top rooms to renovate to increase the value of your house

Are you looking for easy ways to increase your house value without extending it? Then read on for the best rooms to renovate, to bring up the value of your house.  

Kitchen renovations –  

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular projects to do. Every home buyer will always look out for how the kitchen looks because it is known to be the heart of the home. Nowadays, like most things, the modern style kitchens are most wanted. You can increase the value a little bit by working on cupboard doors making the kitchen look better. Having new sleek doors can open the place up and create a whole new atmosphere. However, you can increase the value by a big some by working on the worktops and tiling, or even adding new kitchen appliances. A kitchen renovation can raise the value up to 12%. However, before you begin make sure you have planned this correctly as this can take time and be expensive. 

Bathroom renovations –  

Another popular choice is to renovate your bathroom. Much like the kitchen, many people want to modernise the bathroom because they often come with outdated appliances. This can increase the value of your home to around 7-8% however if this is done incorrectly it can decrease the value of your home by a lot. When renovating a bathroom, you should take into consideration the trends people want. For example, wet rooms, marbled surfaces, or stream-lined storage. Little things like that can raise the value.  

Renovating the bedroom –  

After a long day, the bedroom is the only place people want to be. So, it is important to have a space where you feel comfortable and relaxed. This is why when it comes to renovating you want to make this room enjoyable. As well as, if you are planning to have an open house for potential buyers, they will most likely be more interested in the house if it is decorated nicely.  

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The top bathroom renovation ideas

So, you’ve decided your bathroom needs a little upgrade and remodel. However, if you’re not sure about what you want to change or what type of style you are interested in, then this blog can very informative for you. Some of these bathroom model ideas may give you major inspiration for your own home.  

Here is the list of bathroom renovation ideas:  

  • Relocating the bathtub  

With a simple shift in the tub and toilet, it can transform the entire space. It can turn a small bathroom into a room with more space to work with. However, relocating will result in more work which may cost you more. If you need to move the key elements, try to keep the toilet in the same place or close to it. So, you can connect it to the pipe and save you money.  

Walk In Shower with 2 Doors and Marble Chevron Tiles - Transitional -  Bathroom
  • New flooring  

By updating the flooring, it can turn the room into a show-stopper. If you replace plain tiles with ones that have a pattern it will bring more life into the room. Although, many people like the look of hardwood it is best to avoid this for bathrooms because of the water and steam. You can find great mimics of wood in different types of vinyl.  

Devonstyle Grey Pattern Wall and Floor Tile - Tiles from Tile Mountain
  • Paint that pops  

You can make a bold statement by brightening the bathroom with bright paint. Paring it with matte black accessories can add a modern sleek feel to the room. Also, using bright colours can make the room feel bigger without extending the space.  

32 Best Bathroom Paint Colors - Popular Ideas for Bathroom Wall Colors
  • Having a statement mirror  

When you have a small bathroom having a large mirror can make the room feel lighter and more spacious. A mirror that covers the entire room is very effective, and a great way to renovate a space.  

7 Fantastic mirrors that will make your bathroom the star of your home -  Daily Dream Decor
  • Stylish storage  

Instead of having your clutter on the show a way to remodel your bathroom is to add some storage. Some people like to have their product on shelves so staying organised is a must. You can also get cupboards and shelves that match the aesthetic of the room.  

Burford Bathroom Storage – Furnitureco

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House Renovation

The Best Renovations To Improve Your House Value

Are you wanting to increase your house value so you can sell? Then you are in the right place. Here are some of the best renovations you can do that will improve your houses value. 

Kitchen Renovations  

Kitchen renovations are one of the most popular projects to do. Every home buyer will always look out for how the kitchen looks. Nowadays, modern kitchens are most wanted. You can increase the value a little bit by working on cupboard doors making the kitchen look better. However, you can increase the value by a big some by working on the worktops and tiling, or even adding new kitchen appliances. A kitchen renovation can raise the value up to 12%. However, before you begin make sure you have planned this correctly as this can take time and be expensive. 

Bathroom Renovations 

Another popular choice is bathroom renovations. This can increase the value of your home to around 7-8% however, if this is done incorrectly it can decrease the value of your home by a lot. When renovating a bathroom, you should take into consideration the trends people want. For example, wet rooms, marbled surfaces or steam lined storage. Little things like that can raise the value. 


Decorating is one of the cheapest ways to raise your houses value. Depending on the materials you decide to use you can raise your houses value by 5%. However, you have to consider lots of different styles and what style would make the home perfect for you or homebuyers. Decorating can cover a variety of projects such as painting, wallpapering or flooring. However, since decorating raises the value so little sometimes it’s best to leave the home plain with no damage and let the homebuyers decorate themselves. 

Smart Home  

Nowadays having technology is your home is very desirable. For example, having smart lightbulbs or a security system. This is becoming increasingly common for homebuyers to want this for their homes. There are many more smart technologies you can add to your home. Adding technology can raise the value of your home by 7% however, it also has been known to raise the value by an amazing 35%. This depends on what kind of technology you add to your home. 

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6 great ideas on how to renovate your bedroom

From a full renovation to a small redecoration, there are plenty of ways to remodel a bedroom. Bedrooms can be such easy rooms to update. Renovating your bedroom, can change your mood and give the space a whole new vibe. Here are some ideas on how to renovate your bedroom on a budget.  

Paint your bedroom walls –  

Painting is one of the most immediately noticeable bedrooms remodel ideas. You can paint a room in a couple of days and the results last for years. Choosing the right paint colour can be really important in the bedroom because it can affect your mood. Usually, cool light colours make you calm and warm colours energise you.  

paint color for bedroom ideas -

Updating the floor –  

Many people like to install carpets in the bedrooms because they are great insulation. However, wood floors and a soft rug create the idea of luxury. You can get the look of wood floors without spending a huge amount of money by installing vinyl or laminate.  

Flooring Store- Carpet, Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl, Tile, Laminate | Tacoma, WA

A DIY headboard –  

A DIY headboard might sound complex, however, there are ways in which it could become a simple task. It can be as simple as getting a large piece of wood and painting it or hanging a section of wallpaper or a rug above your bed. You can make your bed the statement of the room, without spending a huge amount on a headboard.  

23 DIY Headboard Ideas for More Attractive Bedroom

Adding some shelfs –  

You can easily find wall shelves for under £10. Not only do they provide storage, but they are also perfect to hold décor. Adding a shelf above your bed can be a great focal point in the room.  

Open Shelving 101: a guide to DIY shelving - Calling All Creators

Statement bedroom light fixture –  

Most bedrooms come with a simple light or light shade that doesn’t add much to the room. So, replacing it with a statement piece is a quick and easy bedroom renovation idea.  

Adding a seating area –  

One major piece of advice for better sleep is designating the bed as a sleep-only space. So, if you have the room adding a seating area such as a window seat or small armchairs will be beneficial.  

Bedroom Window Seat Ideas | Houzz UK

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Bathroom Renovations: Things to Consider

Bathroom renovations gives you the chance to refresh your bathroom and make sure it’s perfect for you. A more efficient bathroom will save you money in the long run and reduce strain on the environment. 

Bathroom renovation cons 

The effect on your home.  

When renovating your bathroom, it will have a huge effect on your household. The process of remodelling can become a nightmare for you and anyone else in the household, especially if it goes wrong.  

Its costly  

Bathroom renovations are never cheap, especially bathrooms. If you’re wanting to completely remodel, you’ll need to know the costs if toilets, bathtubs, showers, sink and any other maintenance that will be needed. Other factors you will need to consider is tiling, mirrors, plumbing and painting expenses. Also, you will need to be aware of any outdated or broken pipes as you will need to replace them. Before you start renovating you should create a budget, and make sure it’s realistic.  


It doesn’t matter what you plan, the timeline to this project is out of your control. Sometimes small or large problems will appear that needs to be dealt with, the labourers may not be as punctual as you thought. Therefore, don’t expect your planned 2-week renovation to take the correct time as it will most likely take longer. 

Bathroom renovation Pros 

Increase hoe value  

Renovating your homes bathroom can add value by 5% of your homes buying price. Visitors that are looking to buy will appreciate a modern and contemporary appearance compared to an outdated design. Remember, newer features, pluming and design will attract more buyers if your wating to see your home. 

Your dream designs 

When remodelling you get to decide exactly what it will look like and everything that will go with it. For example, you get to have any style you like and add as many touches as you like, such as  

  • Storage space 
  • Energy saving features 
  • Heated towel rack  
  • Mirrors  

Many different styles  

  • Contemporary style 
  • Eclectic style 
  • Modern style  
  • Traditional style 
  • Asian style 
  • Beach style 
  • Craftsman style 
  • Farmhouse style  

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Bathtubs: Everything You Want To Know

There are many different bathtubs such as: 

  • Firstly,Freestanding tub  
  • Secondly, Drop in tub 
  • Three-wall alcove tub 
  • Corner tub 
  • Undermount tub 
  • Claw foot tub 
  • Hot tub 
  • Finally, Japanese tub  

Three-wall alcove tub 

Pros for example:

  • Firstly, Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Practical and functional  
  • Can be decorated  
  • Finally, Affordable  


  • Generic in feel  
  • Must be placed between two walls  

Freestanding tub 

Pros for instance

  • Adds to house value  
  • Visual impact 
  • Can be situated anywhere in the room 
  • Versatile look 

Cons such as:

  • No storage areas  
  • Expensive  
  • Extremely heavyweight  

Drop in tub 


  • Firstly, high end, luxurious feel 
  • No slip, grip handles  


  • Difficult to install and remove. 

Corner tubs 

Pros such as:

  • Maximum versatility  
  • Makes use of corner space 
  • Can be glasses enclosed or open style  


  • Tub accessibility is limited  
  • Can only be in the corner of the room 

Clawfoot tub 

Pros for example:

  • Adds immediate vintage charm and period detail to a bathroom 
  • Easy to install 
  • Space beneath 


  • Lack of storage 

Undermount tub  

Pros in particular

  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • High end, luxurious feel  


  • So, tub cannot simply be removed without destroying the surrounding decking. 

Hot tubs 

Pros such as:

  • Deep soaking relaxation 
  • Hydrotherapy for those with achy joints and arthritis 


  • Expensive  

Japanese tub  

Pros for instance,

  • Amazing design  
  • Adds house value  
  • Artistic presentation  
  • Offers deep soaking  

Cons for example:

  • No storage  
  • Expensive  

Questions that are frequently asked about bathtubs 

What materials are bathtubs made from? 

Often bathtubs are made out of porcelain which is usually steel-based. But bathtubs can be made from marble, acrylic, and fiberglass. However, historically bathtubs have been made from wood, copper, and iron. 

Can bathtubs be repaired? 

In addition, it is possible to make repairs on a variety of tubs. For example, these include porcelain tubs and those made from marble, acrylic, and fiberglass. Small chips and scratches can often be repaired making this more of an economical option than replacing the entire tub. 

How long do bathtubs last? 

Although it depends on the tub material and how well it has been made. In addition, you can find original bathtubs in old houses that are in fantastic condition at 100 years old. 

Furthermore, what are the most popular bathtubs? 

  • Freestanding tub 
  • Drop in tub 
  • Three-wall alcove tubs 

Can bathtubs be recycled? 

So, a bathtub is not easily recycled. Although, cast iron tubs may be of interest to some metal scrap yards or foundries. Nevertheless, steel is one of the most recycled materials. However, it takes some work to remove the enamel finish which may not be worth the effort for some recyclers. It may be better to repurpose your bathtub instead of recycling, for example: 

  • Feeding and drinking troughs for animal farms 
  • Container for garden 
  • Backyard pool for pets  
  • Finally, Party bucket for beverages and ice. 

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Renovations That Increase Your House Value: Part 1

Renovations to consider when wanting to add more value to your home 

Loft and garage conversions  

These two conversions are the most popular way of extending and adding value to the property. However, converting these into living space will add value by 15%. In addition, a garage conversion will increase the value by 20%. People convert these to create more living space and storage. 

Energy efficiency improvements  

This can fall into two categories: 

  • Simple low-cost improvements 
  • High-cost improvement works 

From research, energy-saving improvements to your property can raise the value by 14%. Meanwhile, improving lost insulation, cavity wall installation, double glazing, and adding a high-performance boiler would decrease energy bills giving the home more value. 

Outdoor décor (garden landscaping and external works) 

Furthermore, maintaining the garden area can add value by 10% – 20%. The things people keep in mind about the garden is: 

  • Privacy and security  
  • Good lighting  
  • Well thought terraced area  
  • Flat lawn  

Other renovations that can increase your house value  

  • Firstly, garage conversion 20% increase 
  • Secondly, loft conversion 15% increase 
  • Energy saving 14% increase 
  • Balcony 12% increase 
  • Outdoor décor 10% – 20% increase 
  • Open living plan 6% increase 
  • Kitchen 6% increase 
  • Central heating 5.4% increase 
  • Bathroom 5% increase  
  • Paint and decorate 5% increase 
  • Fireplace 5% increase 
  • Conservatory 5% increase 
  • Flooring 3% increase 
  • Roof 3% increase 
  • Finally, decking 2% increase 

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10 ways to modernise your old house and make it feel brand new

As the saying goes don’t move, improve. Especially if you love your house but want to modernise it to become more of your style. Adding affordable improvements can also add value to your home and can maximise how you use it.

Remove walls – 

removing the walls between the dining and living room or even the kitchen can transform an older home. Creating an open plan living space and making the room feel airy and modern, without damaging the character too much. 

How to Divide an Open-plan Space With a Half-wall | Houzz UK

Replace or clean the flooring –  

If the older house has a dirty carpet, it would be best to either clean it or buy a new one and make the space feel fresh. And if the flooring is wood or dark in colour to modernise the place you should opt for a lighter colour choice. 

▷ How to replace carpet with vinyl flooring? And why? | L'Antic Colonial

Paint the walls – 

The walls in outdated houses often have crazy wallpaper or dark paint on them. To make your home modern you need to choose colours that will tie your home together. This is an affordable easy way to transform your house quickly.  

Bright Pieces gallery wall - White and gold -

Install larger windows –  

By replacing the old windows with larger ones or by adding bi-fold doors it can open up a space. By doing this you will be creating indoor/ outdoor living which has become a very popular style of home design.   

50 Living Rooms with Big Windows (Photos) - Home Stratosphere

Replace old fixtures  

From light switches to cabinet handles, fixtures can really date a home. Update these common fixtures in your home and they will bring your design.  

  • Light switches 
  • Outlets and plugs 
  • Cabinet hardware 
  • Door handles  
  • Indoor and outdoor light fixtures 
Modern Nordic Lighting | Wayfair

Hide the clutter –  

Having numerous ornaments, pictures and magazines can instantly make a home feel outdated and uninviting. Having multi-functional furniture and hidden storage is a simple way to declutter and give your space a modern feel. HOMCOM 39" Modern Lift Top Coffee Table Desk with Hidden  Storage Compartment for Living Room, Coffee Brown Woodgrain : Home & Kitchen

Add new lighting to your home – 

Having proper lighting can bring a room to life. A poorly lit room looks small, dark, and cramped, while a bright room appears open and welcoming. The easiest way of doing this is by adding lamps to dark areas and replacing the ceiling lights.  

Lenny Smoked Glass Table Lamp | Dunelm

Landscape the garden – 

 Landscaping is often overlooked. Planting more trees and flowers or having freshly cut grass can transform the garden and the look of the house. Many outdated houses have overgrown plants or plants that need a lot of love. To modernise the house, you should show just as much care to the outside as you do on the inside.  

9 Peter Fudge Gardens ideas | modern garden, landscape design, outdoor  gardens

Revamp the fireplace –  

A fireplace is a great focal point to a room. However, because fireplaces first became popular in the 70s and 80s you may need to make some changes for them to become modern. 

Traditional or Modern Fireplace? | Heat & Glo

Refresh or replace internal doors –  

You can give any room an update with a new door. By repainting or adding glass windows to the doors it can transform the entire layout of a home. Glass doors create an open-plan area without removing any internal walls, which is perfect for families.

An inspiring guide to French door perfection.

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Everything You Should Know About Home Elevator Before Purchasing

To some people installing an elevator in their home might be a luxury, saving you walking from one floor to another. However, too many other people living in a multi-story home might come with some concerns. Especially if you face physical limitations, as a result of injury, surgery, or age.  

Types of home elevators –  

Cable-driven elevator –  

This type of elevator is powered by a cable wound around a drum. These are some of the most well know elevators, they are typically seen in commercial buildings and stores. Elevators with dedicated shafts require a pit and machine room in addition to the shaft itself to operate. They are also the most cost-effective when built into new construction. The average prices for this type are £15,000 – £26,000. 

Glass Cable Elevator - Octagonal - Elevators | Nationwide Lifts

Chain driven elevator –  

Similar to a cable-driven however this one is powered by a chain wound around a drum. The benefits of the chain rather than the cable are that is it more durable. It requires less maintenance and doesn’t need to get replaced. They also don’t require a machine room so it saves space. The average price for this is around £15,000 – £37,000 

What are the Common Types of residential elevators? - Kravelv

Hydraulic –  

This is powered by a piston that travels inside a cylinder. The cylinder connects to a system that pumps fluid, usually oil to control the movements. They do not require a machine room as the power system is contained in the elevator shaft. However, the builders would need to dig a pit below for the shaft. Because of this, it would be relatively simple to fit into a home. The price for this would be around £15,000 – £37,000 

Home Lift: Residential Home Elevators in Hyderabad, Telangana |Celcius  Systems

Pneumatic elevator –  

Finally, this one uses a vacuum system within a tube to power the elevator’s movement. The futuristic design adds an element of interest to home décor. Because it is vacuum-powered, it doesn’t require a pit or a machine room, making it easy to install in homes. The prices vary from around £26,000 – £37,000 

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators | Morning Star Elevator

How safe are home elevators?  

Modern home elevators are very safe. With safety codes, local building codes, and extra safety measures, home elevators today are designed to ensure a high level of safety.  

What happens if it gets stuck?  

If the elevator gets stuck between floors you should have an emergency phone installed. You can use this phone to call an emergency operator and they will send someone to help you exit the elevator. You should never try and exit the elevator yourself if it gets stuck.  

How much space is needed for an elevator?  

A home elevator typically won’t be more than 18 square feet, and an elevator with a shaft usually needs about 5 square feet of shaft space.  

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The Best Beginners Guide To Removing Internal Walls

You can transform your home and save on the cost of an extension by knocking down the internal walls that separate your kitchen and your living room. 

If you want a spacious open-plan living space but fear the cost of an extension, removing internal walls is a great alternative. You could open up a dark room and create a fresh living space without the hassle of the expense and construction of an extension.  

Do you need planning permission? 

Usually, you don’t need to apply for planning permission for internal alterations, such as removing walls. However, if you live in a listed building, you would need listed building consent or any works, internal or external.  

Can you remove an internal wall yourself? 

 You can knock down a wall yourself, but you need to first make sure that the wall isn’t load-bearing.  

A load-bearing wall is an active structural element, which holds the weight of the elements above it, by conducting its weight to a foundation structure below it.  

If the wall is a load-bearing wall it is advised to seek out professional help otherwise the removal could have a major effect on your home. In contrast, a non-load-bearing wall doesn’t support anything above them. Which makes them easy to remove all it takes is a sledgehammer and some common sense.  

Removing an interior non-load-bearing wall is messy, dusty work, but it’s not a difficult job and most walls come out more cleanly than you might expect.  

How long does it take to remove internal walls?  

Removing internal walls can take between 2 and 5 days once the work starts. The removal of load-bearing walls usually takes the longest amount of time due to the need for additional work and the installation of the steel joist, plastering, skirting, and painting. Whereas, smaller non-load-bearing walls take as little as four hours of total labour to remove.  

How much removing the walls will cost  

The average cost of removing a load-bearing wall is in the region of £1,250 to £1,750. Whereas, a non-load-bearing wall will cost between £400 – £800, depending on the size of the removal. 

HLN Engineering | How to Identify a Load Bearing Wall

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