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It’s your Grand Designs moment. Assuming you have at least a vague idea of your dream house layout and exterior style, we’ll have your new house drawings finished in no time.

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Maybe it’s a timid little two-bedroom bungalow or even a six bedroom contemporary mansion. You are certainly going to need Planning Permission drawings and you are certainly going to need Building Regulations drawings. You aren’t going to get either of these without some professional, beautiful Architectural Drawings.

We are here as an alternative to your local Architect. We will produce fast planning drawings for your new house. However, once your new house plans have received planning approval, we will produce the cheapest house building regulations available and submit them to your local Building Control free of charge for approval.

New Build House Plans

New build house plans

Want to build a new build house but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. At Pro Arkitects – Design & Build Experts.

Our team will produce a detailed package of Architectural drawings showing you the future floor plans of your new build.

So, these drawings include both Architectural drawings of your existing site and proposed property situated on the site. All of our drawings meet the requirements of the local authorities and therefore can be used for the purposes of submitting as part of your planning application.

However, it should be noted that some contractors may be able to construct your project with planning drawings.

Building regulations

As a new build project, we would recommend additional building regulations drawings that can be used for building control approval.

So you may already have planning drawings and/or planning approval for your new home. Your next step would be to assign a Building Control to your project. Depending on your Building Control, and the method you pursue to gain Building Regulations Approval, you may require building regulation drawings to comply with their requirements.

 Our Architectural Design team can produce detailed building regulations drawings for your new home. In addition, these drawings will specify structural elements such as openings and supports, the materials used within your extension, the foundation design, the roof structure, and other crucial elements required.

All of our building regulation drawings have gained approval from several Building Control departments. So, we guarantee that your building regulations drawings will be drawn to the highest standards, giving you the reassurance that your new home will be designed and constructed to the highest quality, and compliant with current Building Regulations.  

You can check the UK Government guide HERE to see if your new build is likely to need Planning Permission. However, self-build homes have become very popular over recent years, resulting in increased commercial services and support for self-builders. Some of the benefits of building your own home include choosing a specific location, you can decide on the size and layout of the house and you can specify the design and build style of the house.

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