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Looking To Build A Carport? Find Out If They Are Valuable

What is a carport? 

A carport is a covered structure used to offer protection to cars. Because they don’t have walls, the open and accessible space makes it easy to park your vehicles underneath. Commonly carports are attached to your house or they can be a separate free-standing structure, depending on what you like.  

Carports are a great alternative if you don’t have a garage or if you can’t afford to build one. They give your cars shelter from the weather and will save you time when it comes to de-icing during the winter months. And in the summer months, a carport keeps your vehicle’s cool and in the shade. 

Also, if you live in an area with a lot of trees and wildlife carports are handy. This is because they can prevent branches from falling on your car or any animal mess. Which ends up keeping the cars clean and shiny.  

Does a carport add value to your home? 

Typically, carports will increase the value of your home, but maybe not in the way you were expecting. They don’t automatically raise the value of your home. In fact, if it’s done right, they are the ideal home improvements, that can make your home desirable.  

Carports are relatively cheap and easy to build. And is an easy way to add extra benefits and value to your home without having to do lengthy and expensive construction.  

Planning permission – 

Planning permission isn’t required for a carport. Provided that: the carport is used for domestic purposes only and the height can’t exceed 4 meters.  

How much is a carport?  

A single carport should cost between £2,000-£4000 to build, with an average carport costing £3,000. Double carports are more expensive and will cost around £5,000 to install. Although, these prices do not include the cost to lay a concrete floor or to hook up to the main services such as electricity, gas, or water.  

Carports are also very versatile, if you have a garage to park your car or if you don’t have a car, they are still very useful. You could use it as cover and shade from the sun, or you could place garden furniture underneath and protect it from the rain. 

Generally, carports are permanent secure structures that can’t be moved. However, some people like to have carports that can be moved so if they decide to move houses, they can take it with them.   

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Looking To Build A Unique Garage? You Came To The Right Place

When it comes to building a garage there are many factors you need to keep in mind. First of all, whether you want it a single or double car, or if it’s going to be detached or not. Also when you build a garage you get to make it as unique and different as you want it’s all down to your choice.

Plan –  

The first thing you want to do when you are building a garage is making a plan. It would be advised to seek help and advice from architects, to make sure that the project is done well. In like manner, architects can also plan and help when it comes to the aesthetic of the project. In fact, this is important when it comes to connecting the garage to the house. You want to make sure that the bricks or patterns of the building match and flow smoothly. So then it doesn’t look like it’s not meant to be there.  

Garage Foundations –  

With any structure, the foundations play a crucial role in the integrity of the building above. A good quality foundation will last many years. Whereas, if a bad foundation was laid it can cause a lot of problems down the line. The foundation is typically constructed of a concrete block or a poured cement wall. 

Pricing For A Garage –  

Although, buying a garage kit will cost a lot less than building a custom one, having one that is completely secure and you get to design will be worth it. The kits often cost less than £7,300 and can take as little as a day to put together. Whereas, to build a single car garage it can cost anywhere around £28,400 – £43,800. And to build a double it can cost anywhere between £52,500 – £80,200.  

If you are deciding if you want a detached or attached garage it is helpful to know it is generally cheaper to build one that is attached. This is because an attached garage utilizes the existing structure of your home and only requires you to build three walls.  

Practically, in any case, building a garage can and will increase the value of your home. Based on the prices you pay for the project; most homeowners see about an 81% return on the investment or an increase of the resale value of how much building the project cost.  

Planning Permission –  

You can build a garage on your property without planning permission as long as it meets the requirements and is a reasonable size. It should be no higher than 4 meters. 

With the planning permission, the duration of the project can be anywhere from 2-4 weeks. However, when it comes to construction you never know what can happen to do the timings can always change.  


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Garage Conversion

The Ultimate Beginners Guide To A Garage Conversion

What is a garage conversion? 

A garage conversion means that you are changing your garage into something other than storage or a place you park your cars. It can be anything from a bedroom to a family room and anything in-between. It will open up the space in your home and allow your family to have more room.  

If you use your garage as a storeroom or a place you just put your junk, maybe it’s time to consider making use of what could be a valuable asset.  Having a garage conversion increases the house’s value up to 20%. This is because it is one of the speediest and most affordable routes to adding floor space. Garage conversions are often completed in a week and, depending on the project it could take up to a month

How Much Will The Garage Conversion Cost? 

The average cost of a garage conversion varies it is often between £7,500 – £20,000 in the UK. This would cost around £469 – £1,200 per meter squared. However, every company has its own prices, and it could be different from the average cost.  

The first step to a garage conversion is to conduct an assessment of the existing structure, in particular the soundness of foundations, walls, and roof. This will go a long way in revealing to work required to create a comfortable living environment. And a popular route that many seem to do is use a company that specialises in design and build.  

Key works when converting a garage:  

  • Make sure the walls and roof are sound.  
  • Existing floor need to be levelled, damp proofed and insulated.  
  • Roof insulation  
  • Wall insulation  
  • Heating and electrics  
  • Windows and doors 

Planning permission isn’t often required for a garage conversion. And you should consult with your local authority before you begin.   

A garage conversion will always be subject to building regulations, so you or your contractor need to inform the local authority of your intent to stark work 48 hours prior to commencing on site. And with more complex projects you may prefer to have full structural plans drafted.  

Tips to comply with building regulations: 

  • Have wall, floor and loft insulation so it is energy efficient.  
  • Be structurally sound. 
  • Make sure its damp proof.  
  • All electrics safety tested 
  • Good ventilation and moisture-proofed 
  • Have escape routes and fire-proofed  

It is possible to plan and convert your garage yourself. This could be a good option if you have a small budget. Just be aware that your work will be checked by a buildings control officer and if it doesn’t comply with building regulations you will have to put it right at your own expense. 

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