Structural Engineering

What is a Structural Engineer?

Structural engineers analyze, design, plan, and research structural components and structural systems to achieve design goals and ensure the safety and comfort of users or occupants. So, their work takes account mainly of safety, technical, economic, and environmental concerns, but they may also consider aesthetic and social factors.

Structural Engineer

At Pro Arkitects we can offer a professional service for all structural engineering problems. From bespoke structural elements to full structural developments. In addition, if you require structural engineering calculations for projects involving steel beams or columns. And also, concrete or reinforced concrete, load-bearing masonry, or timber, please contact us. Our structural calculations and drawings are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. For both Building regulations approval and client and contractor use.

Extensions and Alterations

From minor alterations such as wall removals or the enlargement of existing openings to loft conversions, small extensions, and major redevelopments or renovation. We can assist with any size of the project that requires our expertise. Furthermore, we will conduct an initial inspection to assess the existing structure. Before producing calculations with detailed drawings to complement and clearly explain our design.

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