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Find out which interior design style works best for you 

Are you looking to switch up the style of your interior design, but can’t decide which direction you would like to go in? There is a style for every preference and in this blog, we are determined to help you find yours.  

Modern design –  

Firstly, in recent times modern interior has become massively popular. Modern design is defined characterised by a monochromatic colour palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. Modern spaces are usually aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they are often open plan and clutter free.  

Scandinavian interior style –  

The Scandinavian design comes from a combination of styles that come from the 5 Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. The characteristics of this design is a minimalistic style using a blend of textures and soft hues. Furthermore, this sleek, modern décor makes a home feel warm and inviting. What makes the Scandinavian style different to minimalist designs is that the style emphasizes affordability and not just necessity.  

Bohemian design –  

This type of style is a mark of free-spirited aesthetics and its continuing to gain popularity. The style isn’t strict on order. It is encouraged to use a blend of colours and patterns, and it places an emphasis on nature. For example, here are some characteristics of bohemian design, metallic fixtures, neutral colours with a mixture of jewel tones, patterns and layering, handmade pieces of art.  


Farmhouse –  

This design uses a lot of natural, organic and rustic materials and furniture. Some key elements of the style include open floors plans, neutral or muted colour palettes. As well as, natural textures and light, and incorporated greenery. Many people who live in the city love this style because it creates a farmhouse/ countryside vibe to a home surrounded by concrete.  

Image: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/425590233544146959/

French country interior –  

Finally, french country is a blend of elegance and comfort, it embodies a soft, airy, and feminine vibe. Its distinctive features include vocally patterned fabrics in muted colours, painted and quaint furnishings and accessories. In addition, it incorporates lots of wood and other natural accoutrements. 

Image: https://luxesource.com/gallery/country-cream-living-room-with-vaulted-ceiling/
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Interior Designs You Wont Want To Miss Out On.

Here are interior design looks of 2022 you should see and won’t want to miss out on!

Interior Design Ideas

1. 3D Art

Are you wanting to add something intriguing and eye catching? Any art that pops off the wall can be viewed in a variety of different ways.

2. Multifunctional Rooms

Live with less! After Covid-19 people have had to be more imaginative and make use of the rooms they already have. Instead of building an extension why not have a multifunctional room? A multifunctional room is a room with two or more uses. For example, having an home office and a mini personal gym in the same room.

A multifunctional room is a room with two or more uses. For example, having an home office and a mini personal gym in the same room.

3. Statement Lighting

Many are on the hunt for decorative and statement lighting. everyone loves a bright bold room. There are many types of lighting ideas such as sculptural or decorative lighting, vintage lighting and colourful lighting. Take all of these into consideration.

4. Copper elements interior design

Copper elements are going to be a big thing! we’ll see copper start to take over from the very popular brushed brass bringing a fresh new finish and striking aesthetic.

Curved furniture is a big thing right now! Curves are both feminine and forgiving which makes someone instantly more comforting. This interior design is going to become really popular in 2022.

5. Curved furniture

Curved furniture is a big thing right now! Curves are both feminine and forgiving which makes someone instantly more comforting. This interior design is going to become really popular in 2022.

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Curved furniture is a big thing right now! Curves are both feminine and forgiving which makes someone instantly more comforting. This interior design is going to become really popular in 2022.

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Don’t move, improve! important things to know about internal reno

Internal renovation is a great way to transform your home without having to feel the need of moving or extending. You can really change the appearance of the house and make the most out of the current space you have.  

Will you need building regulations?  

Whenever you are thinking to do internal renovations, you need to make sure that you are compliant with building regulations. This is to ensure that people’s safety and welfare are protected when the building commences.  

You may need to check if your property is a listed building. This is because it is an offense that can end in a fine. If you damage or change a listed building without listed building consent.  

If you hire a tradesperson who is registered then they can self-certify their work complies with building regulations. Instead of having to submit a building notice.  

Internal reno property pros and cons –  

Pros –  

  • More space. – When you start a renovation project you often think about the layout and how much space you can achieve if you move things around. It also helps you to find everything a home, so that the place looks bigger and cleaner.  
  • Increases natural light and ventilation. – Adding larger windows, doors, and skylights, can massively improve the amount of light and fresh air that’s getting into your home.  
  • Adding features. – Adding new features is a great way to renovate your home. For example, adding extra storage, changing the stair design, or even improving different rooms in your homes.  
  • Increases the home value. – If you get help from a professional all of these renovations, can help increase the value of the house by thousands.  

Cons – 

  • Not all internal walls can be removed. – If you are hoping of going for an open planned space it may be hard if structural walls are in place. Structural walls cannot be moved easily, which means renovations can be limited.  
  • Messy and noisy. – You might need to move out of your home temporarily if you don’t like loud noises or mess.  
  • Planning and building regs approval. – You may need to apply for permission for work to be carried out, which could take a long time and might not get approved.  

How much would internal renovations cost?  

The price of a renovation project will vary depending on the scale and work being done. You also need to factor in the services you take out. For example, an architect, structural engineer, builder, and so on. Prices may also depend on where in the country you live. The closer to London you live the pricier it would be.  

Interior renovation

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Minimalist Design Taking Over? Everything You Need To Know

What is Minimalist Design? 

Minimalist interior design is very similar to modern interior design. The design involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space.  It is characterised by simplicity, clean lines and a monochromatic palette with sometimes a small amount of colour.  

Why it Became Popular

Minimalist design has been popular for a long time, but it’s become even more so recently. It is popular because it works well with a lot of designs and has many benefits. Minimalist architecture became popular between the 1960-1980s. This is because in London and New York architects and fashion designers worked together in boutiques to achieve simplicity. They used white elements, cold lighting, and a large space with minimum objects and furniture.  

Why is Minimalism a Trend Today?

Most millennials have reported that they prefer to spend their money on experiences then on material things such as furniture and décor. This has marked a shift in priorities from people just a generation ago.  

Positives and Negatives of Minimalist Interior 

There are a lot of positives and negatives to this design for example: Minimalist interior is good because the spaces are instantly recognisable for their clean, crisp, and clutter free look. Studies have shown that decluttering your space helps declutter your mind, and creates a sense of visual calm. However, with the minimalist interior, you could run the risk of feeling slightly soulless and it can optimize your mental health.  Having the worry of creating a mess and focusing on only having things you need can cause people a lot of anxiety. Whereas, with some people, the minimalist interior is great because the brightness leads to less stress, and because of the minimal furniture the occupant doesn’t feel cramped. 

Many people have a fear of the minimalist design because they fear that it wouldn’t be homely without warm or bright colours and clutter. Designers and architects like to add different textures such as: timber, glass, pottery, cloth and canvases. They have found that using these textures make the home feel fuller and warmer and adds more character.  

If you are trying to become a minimalist the best way to start is to pick a good base colour and build around that. Also choose smaller, nicer pieces of furniture so it doesn’t bulk up the room. You shouldn’t try to hide stuff places either, because it will end up creating clutter again. And you shouldn’t involve needless items in your designs.  

 Minimalist Interior Design for a living room
A Minimalistic Living Room