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The advantages and disadvantages of buying a maisonette

When it comes to searching for the perfect property, many people are unsure about what a maisonette is. This results in property buyers being hesitant and skeptical about purchasing a maisonette. If this is how you feel, read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of these buildings.  

What is a maisonette?  

A maisonette is a self-contained living area/ flat, with its own private entrance. Maisonettes are commonly located above shops, offices, garages, or on top of ground floor maisonettes. 

Now you have an understanding of what a maisonette is, let’s get into some of the advantages and disadvantages of the buildings.  

The advantages of a maisonette –  

  • Nice amount of living space  

If you are living by yourself or have a small family maisonette can provide the perfect space. They are usually a bit bigger than a flat but smaller than a house.   

  • They are a more affordable option  

Purchasing a maisonette is usually a more affordable option than buying a house. Similarly, maisonettes share some qualities with flats. If you were to carve out the space of a maisonette in a block of flats, a maisonette would be about 20-25% cheaper than the equivalent space in that block.  

  • Able to have more privacy  

As we mentioned in the definition, maisonettes have their own private entrance, rather than a shared one. Many owners like this because it gives them privacy and personal space. 

Furthermore, the disadvantages are –  

  • Shared facilities  

There are some disadvantages to take into account when purchasing any property. One of the main ones for a maisonette is shared driveways and gardens, with the neighbours. This can cause issues for some people especially when it comes to parking.  

  • Difficult to get a mortgage  

Although it’s not impossible to get a mortgage on a maisonette, it is often not an easy process. The criteria are generally stricter than those of a typical house mortgage. However, if you’re planning to buy with cash, it shouldn’t be an issue.  

  • Noisy neighbours  

If you live in the ground floor maisonette, then there is always a chance of having noisy upstairs neighbours walking above you.   

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Double-Glazing and Triple-Glazing Advantages

Advantages of Double Glazing and Triple Glazing 

What is double-glazed glass? 

Double glazing is used in all kinds of glass installations and involves two panels of glass set in the same frame that are separated by a thin layer or air or sometimes gas such as argon. Double-glazed windows keep the cold out and the warmth in keeping away the draft. 

What is triple-glazed glass? 

Triple glazing is a window that has three panes of glass separate my argon gas. This extra layer makes it even more difficult for heat to escape and cold to come through. 

The benefits of Double and Triple glazing 

Double glazing 

  • Reduces heat loss and drafts – Double glazing reduces heat loss by not allowing the heat to escape. 
  • Provides acoustic insulation – This attempts to prevent sound leaving and coming into the home. 
  • Increases security – This increases security as it’s a lot more difficult to break than standard glass, making burglars want to avoid trying. 
  • Reduces build-up of condensation. 

Triple glazing 

  • Reduces condensation on your windows 
  • Reduces heating bills – This keeps the heat in your home and the cold outside. This will prevent the heat leaving your home meaning you don’t need to use the heating as often. 
  • Makes home noticeably more comfortable  
  • Reduces carbon output and greenhouse gases. 

Types of double glazing 

  • Low-E glass 
  • Float glass  
  • Laminated glass 
  • Toughened glass 

Advantages of Low-E glass 

  • Makes your home more energy efficient  
  • Potentially saves money on heating bills 
  • Reduces the glare from the light 
  • Reduction in your heating bills correlates to a reduction in total energy usage, reducing carbon footprint. 
  • Low-E glass helps keep unwanted UV rays out of your home that can damage your skin or furniture. 

Is Low-E glass worth double-glazing? 

High-efficiency double-glazed Low-E glass is really good at reducing heat loss saving on bills in the long run. 

Advantages of toughened glass 

  • Strength – This glass is known as a safety glass is five times stronger that regular glass.  
  • Sound reduction  
  • UV protection 
  • Impact resistance 
  • Heat resistance  
  • If broken the glass will shatter evenly into small pieces so there are no shards or splinters of glass causing less risk of injury. 

Toughened glass is commonly used for car windscreens, greenhouses, shower screens, glass shelves and table tops. 

Advantages of Float glass 

  • Float glass has a complete even surface. 
  • Environment friendly  
  • Displays – its crystal-clear transparency   

Advantages of laminated glass  

  • Has a plastic layer between the two panes of glass which holds the shards when broken. 
  • Easy to apply colouring  
  • Reduces the effects of harmful UV rays. 
  • Improves sound insulation 

Laminated glass is commonly used for external and internal doors, shop fronts, car windscreens, shelving and security glass. 

Questions that are commonly asked  

What’s wrong with single-glazed windows? 

There is nothing wrong with single glazed windows, it still does its purpose but single pane windows can cause heat loss, noise and condensation. 

Do I need planning permission? 

You don’t need to apply for planning permission to double glaze windows. However, if your home is in a conservation area or your home is a listed property you may find yourself to be under restricted rules only being allowed single pane windows. If you live in a conservation area or listed property, check your restrictions before starting anything. 

Is triple-glazing more expensive than double-glazing? 

Yes, it is. Triple-glazed glass costs up to 33% – 50% more expensive than doubled-glazed glass. 

What frames can I use? 

  • Timer 
  • Aluminium  
  • PVCU 

There key benefits: 


  • Natural appearance  
  • Renewable raw material  
  • Excellent insulator  
  • Durability  


  • Durability  
  • Easy care 
  • Modern look 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Light weight 


  • Easy care  
  • Long durability  
  • Very good insulation properties 
  • Versatility  
  • Many colours available  
  • Light weight  
  • Lower price  
  • 100% Recyclable  

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