Small Loft Conversion

A Simple Guide for Small Loft Conversion

Converting a loft is one of the most favourite home improvements in the UK. The reason is that you do not need to lose any area to get some more living space in the hose. Furthermore, it is the cheapest alternative to moving a house. Well, not every loft is suitable and hence we are here to guide people who want small loft conversion.

Some of the houses have a too small or too large loft, which is very tricky to turn into a living area. However, they can be converted but what is important is that they can justify the expense of conversion.

You do not need to worry as we are here to help you with small loft conversion. You can turn them into a bedroom, home office or a space that provides a fabulous view of the neighbourhood.

Building Regulations

To convert a loft, It must have at least 2.4 meters head height. You can easily measure it using a measuring top. You need to keep in mind that conversion is also going to reduce the head height. Because the roof will require plastering and panelling. If you have 2.4 meters of head height then after conversion you will be left with about two meters.

Dormer Windows for Small Loft Conversion

Dormer windows are one of the best options for converting a loft into living space. Furthermore, it can add some extra headroom that adds character to space. The loft room is at the highest point of a house so having a window provides a great view. If you have more space in the loft then you can fit right against a bed for a morning wakeup bathed in sunlight.

Use Skylights In Small Loft Conversion

It is good to have natural light inside the house and hence skylights are the best fit. It allows more natural light inside the loft and make it bright and airy. Skylights have upward facing angle and hence the loft ceiling is the best place to install them. The skylights allow more light during the day compared to other alternatives.

Extra Storage

A small loft conversion does not mean that you cannot store your things. However, it is best to keep the minimum things to keep the loft clean.  But sometimes some few extra things inside a small space make it looks large. So, it is good to have some clever storage solutions to hide all the clutter.


People with small loft conversion thinks that they need small furniture as they do not have enough space. But sometimes it is good to have a king-sized bed or giant sofa inside the loft. However, it is important to keep the loft stairs in mind while buying new furniture.