A Simple Guide to Loft Conversion Stairs

A Simple Guide to Loft Conversion Stairs

Homeowners often overlooked the design and possibilities for loft conversion stairs. When a person thinks of converting a loft, often think of an ordinary place for the stairs. But there are some great alternatives to put the stairs in the right place to save some space. If you want to know some of the options and ideas to work with, then keep on reading the article.

Outside-In and Inside-Out Loft Conversion Stairs

It is a great loft conversion stairs idea that looks very simple from the outside. But it is essential to determine the positioning of the staircase inside the house. It is a modification to the external design of the house.

When you see the house, it will be placed in the top left of the property. There are various such design ideas for the staircase that can work with less headroom.

Stairs Above Stairs

Another excellent idea for loft conversion stairs is to put them above the stairs. It is a good idea to put the stairs of the loft above the existing staircase. It is an excellent idea because it usually is the most effective place for the stairs and most efficient.

But we will recommend you to discuss with your designer to explore whether it is a good alternative before you start building project. You can also opt-in for a staircase away from the stairs below. It all depends on the existing design of the property. There is not any hard and fast rile because every situation is different. You need to consider the issue in hand to decide which alternative can best for you.

Spiral Loft Conversion Stairs

If you have tight space in the home, then spiral loft conversion stairs can be a viable option to accommodate a small area in the loft. Furthermore, the staircase looks great and save some space. They cost less compared to other solutions. No matter, they take less space, you still need to follow the building regulations. It is best to hire a surveyor who can suggest whether it is suitable for you.

Paddle Loft Conversion Stairs

If you want to save some more space, then paddle staircase is the best option.

Fire Safety for Loft Conversion Stairs

You should keep in mind that the stairs in your home should meet fire safety standards. No matter, which stairs you are going to use for the loft, they should be fire retardant. If you are going to choose the stairs above the stairs, then it is essential to have a fire safety door at the top of the building. But if the loft stairs are away, then the door must be situated at the bottom of the new stairs.


When building a new staircase for the conversion, you need to make sure that there is enough lighting for the safety of your family. If there is no way for the natural light, then you should install artificial lighting at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Rules and Regulations

Before you start the project, it is essential to know the vital regulations. Aloft can provide extra living space for your family, but you also need other things like a fire door in the loft. For example; you need to consider the minimum head height above a staircase. In short, the top of the loft conversion stairs needs to be located at the highest point. The required for a fire door indicates that you need a separate door.

Hire an Architectural Services Provider for Loft Conversion Stairs

It is possible to do the designing on your own, but it is a good idea to hire an architectural services provider to make the most of the space. They have years of experience, hence can help with what best for loft conversion stairs as you know that stairs can take a large amount of space. So, it is essential not to lose much space inside the loft. Furthermore, they can help you with other design features such as windows, walls, lights etc.

At Pro Arkitects, we have a team of professionals who can help you decide which type of loft conversion stairs you should choose for the project depending on the budget and circumstances.

Mezzanine Loft Conversion

If you are finding a way to circumnavigate the need for safety features, then you should go with an open-plan mezzanine. It is a single room that has no separate walls and fire doors. It is always best to visit the official website for building regulations or to visit the office of the local authority to know details about your specific project.

Last Words

No matter, which type of loft conversion you want, stairs are essential to access this additional living space. If you have limited space, then you should consider an option that takes less space. You also need to meet safety standards.

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