Architecture: Around the World Part 1

Firstly, architecture, the art, and technique of designing and building. Architects design structures such as office buildings, businesses, stadiums, schools, malls, and homes. They also design outdoor spaces. 

Is architecture a good career? 

In addition, architects are highly respected in society making this a good career. 

Different types of architecture  

  • Firstly, Landscape architect – A person that designs outdoor environments. 
  • Architectural technologist – An architectural technologist provides technical building design services and is trained in architectural technology. 
  • Architectural designer – So, they create digital plans based on architectural sketches, visiting construction sites, oversee contractors and facilitate communications with consultants. 
  • Preservation architect – They prepare plans for appropriate work on historic buildings and direct the work to preserve important features and avoid damage. 
  • Green building and retrofit architect – This person’s job is to safeguard water, air and the earth by choosing eco-friendly materials and protecting the biodiversity of the area during construction. 
  • Commerical architect – Somone that specialises in designing commercial buildings such as shops, restaurants and public buildings. 
  • Finally, Industrial architect – An architect that designs buildings for industry. 

Best places to study   

  • Firstly, England 
  • China 
  • Italy 
  • Japan 
  • France 
  • Spain 
  • Australia 
  • United Arab Emirates 
  • Finally, The Netherlands 

Examples of famous architecture  

  • Firstly, Eiffel tower – France, Paris. In fact, it was constructed 31st of March 1889 

  • Secondly, The Burj Al Arab – Dubai. Constructed in 1994, Finished 1999 

  • Parthenon – Greece, Athens. Constructed in 447BC 

  • Angkor Wat – Cambodia. Constructed in the 12th century  

  • Saint Peters Basilica – Italy, Rome, Vatican. So, this started to be constructed in 1506 and was finished in 1415. 

  • Sydney Opera House – Australia, Sydney. Constructed in 1973 

Panoramic scenery of Sydney harbor and Sydney opera house, Australia
  • Colosseum – Italy, Rome. Constructed in 70AD 

  • Tower bridge London. – Constructed in 1886  

  • Hagia Sophia Istanbul – Turkey. Constructed in 537AD 
  • Kremlin – Moscow. In addition, its constructed in the 13th century  

  • Empire State Building – New York. Constructed in the 1930s 

  • Petronas Towers Kuala – Malaysia, Lumpur.  Constructed in 1993 

  • Leaning tower Pisa – Italy, Pisa. Furthermore, its constructed in 1173  

  • Taj Mahal – India, Agra. So, it was constructed in 1631 

  • Guggenheim museum Bilbao– Spain, Bilbao. Constructed in 1997 

  • Beijing national stadium – China, Beijing. Constructed in 2008 

  • Flatiron Building – New York. Furthermore, its constructed in 1902  

  • Villa Savoye – France, Poissy. In fact, it was constructed 1931 

  • Finally, Kauffman residence or falling water – Pennsylvania. Constructed in 1936. 

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