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Are conservatories a good investment?

Do you want a conservatory extension in your home? If yes! Then you are on the right spot as in this article we are going to take a look at conservatory extensions, and if they are worth it. Information that we are going to share will help you make the right buying decision.  

Are conservatories still in high demand?  

Back in the day conservatories were an extremely popular option for those looking to extend their homes. However, the spaces were too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. They also were known to have leaks and condensation.  

Although, The new generation of conservatory ideas are anything but downmarket, with refreshed designs in both modern and traditional styles boosting your home’s kerb appeal, while advances in glass, better ventilation and smarter home heating all help to keep the internal temperature in check.    

Things to consider before installing a conservatory –  

  • Size 
  • Cost  
  • Heating 
  • Material 
  • Orientation 
  • Construction  
  • Exterior style 
  • Interior design  

Would you need planning permission?  

Planning permission is not usually needed, you can do it under permitted development. Although, it is likely you will need approval from your local building control department if you want to replace a glazed roof with a solid roof.   

you may need Planning permission if:   

  • It is taller than 4 meters.  
  • The conservatory width is bigger than half of the house.   
  • The extension can’t be higher than the eaves of your existing home.    

How much do they cost? 

There are a number of different types of conservatories. The style, size and materials will affect the cost. A conservatory can cost anywhere between £9,000 – £18,000. On average a lean-to uPVC conservatory will cost you £10,250.  

Do they increase the value? 

Many people have different opinions on conservatories and if they add value to a property. Also, some potential buyers appreciate the extra space where they can relax and take in the garden at the same time. Conservatories are known to add up to 15% more to your property value.  

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House Renovation

Renovations that will decrease the value of your home  

Your home is a place you take pride in and where you go to relax after a long day. So, it’s only natural you would want to make improvements and increase the value of your house. Many people spend 1000s of pounds on remodelling their homes but there not always adding value to the property in the process. 

 Here is a list of home improvements that can decrease the property value:  

Too much wallpaper –  

Wallpaper can be an overwhelming design choice for your home, especially if it has bold patterns, colours and, textures. Wallpaper can also be quite difficult to remove, so potential buyers might see it as a headache to deal with. Fresh paint and natural colours are always a good choice if you are thinking of selling the property.  

Texture on the walls and ceilings –  

Just like wallpaper texture on a wall can often be hard to remove. It also gives an outdated vibe to the house, and removing it can create a more modern look.  

Having/ lowering the ceilings – 

Buyers love high ceilings; they can open up the space and make the rooms seem bigger than they actually are. Although, low ceilings can save on energy bills, they can also lower the value of your home. 

Combining small bedrooms to create a larger room –  

While combining smaller rooms to create one big room may sound like a great idea for a young couple with no children. However, if they then decide to sell the property, it may be difficult. Even small bedrooms add value to a home, because most families want their children to have their own rooms. Each bedroom can add about 15% to the value of a home. 

Adding a conservatory –  

You should think carefully about how many times that you would use a conservatory. Conservatories are often seen as one of the worst home additions, and many people get them removed. They are regularly replaced by extensions which regulate the temperature, add more space, and increase the value of your home.  

Too much carpet –  

A home remodelling expert has said that new hardwood floors can increase the sale price of a home by up to 2.5%. Compared to hardwood and laminate floors, carpet can quickly show signs of damage. Plus, colours and textures are highly based on personal preference, and any overly personal touches can decrease a home’s value. 

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