Showers: Which One Works Best For You

Different types of showers 

  • Electric  
  • Mixer  
  • Power
  • Digital  

Electric shower 

One of the main advantages of an electric shower is that a hot water supply is not needed from your boiler. These showers have been proven energy efficient as you do not need to heat your boiler tank for an electric shower. Also, electric showers are simple to install. However, this shower needs a good water pressure either from your main supply or water pump. An electric shower can instantly heat up water instead of taking the hot water supply from your boiler tank. No more waiting for your boiler to heat up! One downside to an electric shower is that your existing water pressure isn’t good, your shower may not be very powerful. 

Mixer shower 

A mixer shower is different to an electric shower as it needs an existing source of hot water. The shower does exactly what the names says it does. This shower mixes your hot and cold water together before the water comes out the shower head. An advantage to a mixer shower is that it is more powerful than an electric shower. The water comes out a lot stronger.  

Power shower 

These showers a perfect with homes that have low water pressure. A power shower uses a pump to improve the flow rate of the water it using. One of the  benefits to a power shower is that flow rate is instantly increased for a powerful shower. Also, the installation is quick and simple and many power showers come with eco-friendly options.  

Digital shower  

Digital showers are at the top of bathroom technology. This shower stands out due to the control panel that can change the temperature and the flow rate. This means you can adjust the temperature by the degree. Key features to this shower are that some are even compatible to smart devices and there are many options of different digital showers available. There are different types of digital showers to suit almost any water system, this is why they are the perfect showers. 

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