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The advantages and disadvantages of buying a maisonette

When it comes to searching for the perfect property, many people are unsure about what a maisonette is. This results in property buyers being hesitant and skeptical about purchasing a maisonette. If this is how you feel, read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of these buildings.  

What is a maisonette?  

A maisonette is a self-contained living area/ flat, with its own private entrance. Maisonettes are commonly located above shops, offices, garages, or on top of ground floor maisonettes. 

Now you have an understanding of what a maisonette is, let’s get into some of the advantages and disadvantages of the buildings.  

The advantages of a maisonette –  

  • Nice amount of living space  

If you are living by yourself or have a small family maisonette can provide the perfect space. They are usually a bit bigger than a flat but smaller than a house.   

  • They are a more affordable option  

Purchasing a maisonette is usually a more affordable option than buying a house. Similarly, maisonettes share some qualities with flats. If you were to carve out the space of a maisonette in a block of flats, a maisonette would be about 20-25% cheaper than the equivalent space in that block.  

  • Able to have more privacy  

As we mentioned in the definition, maisonettes have their own private entrance, rather than a shared one. Many owners like this because it gives them privacy and personal space. 

Furthermore, the disadvantages are –  

  • Shared facilities  

There are some disadvantages to take into account when purchasing any property. One of the main ones for a maisonette is shared driveways and gardens, with the neighbours. This can cause issues for some people especially when it comes to parking.  

  • Difficult to get a mortgage  

Although it’s not impossible to get a mortgage on a maisonette, it is often not an easy process. The criteria are generally stricter than those of a typical house mortgage. However, if you’re planning to buy with cash, it shouldn’t be an issue.  

  • Noisy neighbours  

If you live in the ground floor maisonette, then there is always a chance of having noisy upstairs neighbours walking above you.   

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Looking To Live In A Maisonette? Everything You Should Know

What is a maisonette?  

It is a set of rooms for living in, typically on two storeys of a larger building and having a separate entrance.  

The difference between a maisonette and a flat –  

A maisonette is a two-storey flat, where the front door is your own. This means you can exit your home directly to the outside. However, with a regular flat, you have a shared corridor. And your usual flat consists of several rooms that span a single floor.  

Maisonettes are often more bespoke than flats and aren’t typically sold as part of a development block. They also vary largely in square footage, layout, and spec. Living in a maisonette also gives you more outside space as opposed to a flat.  

Is a maisonette a house? 

They are not necessarily a house although they can come with similar square footage and many of the same perks. For instance, they offer similar privacy to that of a house, and they are argued to be safer. Because with all the windows on the higher level, and the only access is the front for it is less likely you would get burgled. 

Maisonettes are ideal for families because just like a house they often house gardens and sometimes even garages. However, the garden might have to be shared with others in the flats. And you’ll have to access the garden separately outside, typically through a side gate.  

Where can I find them?  

In the UK maisonettes are not uncommon, you can find them usually above shops, in town centres and close to cities. Due to them being slightly smaller and more affordable than a house many are located in cities.  

They are also popular in areas with lots of students because landlords convert one house into two separate dwellings to take on more tenants.  

Is it good to live in one?  

There are plenty of advantages to living in a maisonette the first one is that they are warm and cosy. Being upstairs is a major positive especially in the winter because the heat from the downstairs flat rises and it heats up the house.  

Maisonettes often also have a lot of storage compared to a flat or an apartment. This is because most of them have exterior storage such as a garage.  

Maisonettes itself would be about 20-25% cheaper than the equivalent space in that block.  

Some negatives to living in one –  

Although there are many positives, there are some hurdles to living in a maisonette. With either no off-road parking or a shared driveway parking you can be difficult. And a lot of people find parking on a residential street a nightmare.  

When living above someone you have to be extra neighbourly, you need to be respectful and keep an eye on the amount of noise you make.  

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