What is a Coach house? Lean all about them here.

A Coach house is a bit like living in a flat however, most coach houses come with a garden space. If you are interested in coach houses and want to find out more, this blog will be helpful to you.   

What is a coach house?   

A coach house is best described as a house that is situated above a row of garages or carports. They are a design that may be seen as old. However, they have become popular with landlords who rent out the living space above and the storage space below.   

The history of coach houses –   

Coach houses were first introduced in England in the 18th century. They were used to store carriages and horses in stables on the ground floor and had living quarters above.   

The houses used to be a status symbol as most people couldn’t afford a horse and carriage. Although, when cars became popular people started converting their carriage houses into garages.   

Why a coach house is a good choice –   

Many people see coach houses a great style of building. They can be seen as a combination between a flat and a detached house. A coach house is also a more affordable option than a detached house in the same area.   

Just like a detached property, you wouldn’t have the issue of neighbours on either side of you. So, this is a great home option to if you are either looking to be loud and rambunctious or looking for peace and quiet.   

Unlike flats coach houses often come with an outdoor space. This is a major deciding factor for many homeowners.   

Are there any downsides?   

These houses are known to get cold and difficult to heat, this is due to the fact they are above poorly insulated garages.   

You also need to consider the resale value of the property, before you commit to an offer. As, coach houses are more limited than a regular home so they could take longer to sell.   

Credit: https://yorkshireescapes.co.uk/listing/coach-house-east-tanfield-north-yorkshire/

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