Bricks: Simple And Easy

Firstly the types of bricks are:

  • Sun-dried brick 
  • Burnt clay brick 
  • Fly ash brick 
  • Concrete brick 
  • Engineering brick 

Engineering Bricks  

However, these bricks have high compressive strength and low water absorption. These bricks are commonly found in a red colour although you can find them in a blue colour as well. 

Is this brick solid? 

So, this brick is detailed, square-edged, and solid. 

Can you drill into an engineering brick? 

This brick is extremely hard to drill into. Even though this brick is very strong, if drilled into with the wrong tools it could shatter or explode. 

Can you build a house with this brick? 

Yes. When having a construction project, you want a brick that is strong and durable. Also, this brick can withstand damp and cold weather. 

Burnt Clay Brick 

The common burnt clay bricks are constructed by pressing clay into Molds to take shape, and then dried and fired in a kiln. This brick is used for general constructions, for example, walls. 

What is this brick used for? 

These are commonly used in columns, walls, foundations, and more. 

Is a clay brick better than a concrete brick? 

Clay brick is three times stronger than concrete brick. 

Fly Ash Brick 

Fly ash bricks are made using the waste of thermal power plants. 


  • Firstly, they are light in weight as it is suitable for multi-floored buildings. 
  • This brick absorbs less heat  
  • Eco-friendly 


  • Slow strength gain. After the brick has set it gains strength the longer it’s there.  
  • Longer setting time 
  • Seasonal restrictions. Low temperatures increase the setting times and cause slow strength gain. 

Concrete Bricks  

In addition, concrete brick is a mixture of cement and sand formed in Molds and cured. 

Why are concrete blocks used? 

 So, these blocks have a hollow core to make them lighter and to improve insulation. 

Sun-Dried Brick

They are also known as adobe or mudbrick. It’s made from a mixture of sand, clay, and water mixed with a binding material such as rice husks or straw. Instead of using a kiln, these bricks are sun-dried. 

Where is sun-dried brick used? 

Finally, this brick is one of the oldest building materials that have been used for thousands of years to build houses, mosques, churches, palaces, and cities. 

professional construction worker laying bricks and building barbecue in an industrial site. Detail of hand adjusting bricks

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