Single Story Extension: How to Plan

Single Story Extension: How to Plan

Are you planning a single story extension and want the process to go smoothly? Then you are in the right spot. As in this article, we will cover this topic from planning to costing. The first step is to verify whether you need planning permission or you can do the construction under permitted development rights. After that, you need to find a build team and good planning to make sure the extension completes on time.

Planning Permission for Single Story Extension

You need planning permission for a single story extension if:

  • It covers more than half the area of surrounding
  • It extends towards a road.
  • You need to increase the height of the building
  • Six meters from the rear of an attached house.
  • You have a detached house, then you need planning permission if it extends eight meters from the rear
  • The extension is taller than four meters.
  • You are using different materials than you use in the house.

The limits clearly indicate that if you are planning a large extension then you need planning permission. However, you also need to keep in mind that a larger single story extension is more cost-effective.

With that said, you also need to know that reducing the size of the garden can affect the value of your property.

Permitted Development Rights for Single Story Extension

You can also build an extension under permitted development rights in which you do not need planning permission. To start building under these rights, you need to apply for a lawful development certificate from a local council. You can build without it, but you still need to provide paperwork to prove that you meet all the requirements.

You can visit the official website of the government for the PD criteria. We will recommend you to check with your local authority to verify the information. In some areas, there are some unique restricted rights such as conservation areas.

How to Find an Architectural Service Provider?

Finding a local architectural service provider is easy in the UK, but finding a good one requires some homework. You need to find someone who can carry out small-scale work. Furthermore, someone who can demonstrate similar house extensions that impress you.

Find a firm that is located near to your house. Some designers do not charge any fee for initial visits.

Find A Builder

If you are working with a design & build company then you do not need to find a builder. These firms can carry out all the work from the start. But if you do need to find a builder then ask for recommendations. You need someone who can help you find reliable contractors and have experience with planning. Bear in mind that experience is a must with this kind of project. After the conversation, you and the builder can agree on a timeline for the project completion.

Project Management

If you are not sure or do not have time to manage the project then you can appoint a project manager. The person will help you with planning and building a single story extension. If you are sure that you run it yourself, there are lots of resources where you can get help. Furthermore, doing so will help you understand the process and can help you save hassle and money