Should you buy in the city or the country?

Buying a home in the country can be very attractive to some people because the property is cheaper and there are amazing spaces you can explore. However, what if you prefer the fast pace, active city life. This blog will help you consider a list of things before you decide to move.  

Transportation –  

Firstly, if you want to live in the country, you should be prepared to drive everywhere.  If there are multiple people living in your house you should ideally have 2 cars. This is because public transport is rare when it comes to countryside travel, and if it does come it usually takes a long time.  

Whereas with the city, the only problem you might have is the traffic. Every type of public transport runs frequently and they are usually always on time. Because of all of the public transport, you will most likely use your car less.  

Space –  

A major reason people decide that they want to move out of the city and into the country is for the space. Houses out in the country are a lot larger for the price you pay, compared to the city. The garden space you get when you move to a more rural area is incredible as well. The gardens include trees, fields, rivers.  

However, if you are young, single, or just prefer living in the city then it is perfect for you if you don’t mind having less space.  

Farmhouses for Sale 2017 - Country Homes In Every State

Signals and WIFI –  

If your job involves you needing to be on the internet a lot or if you can’t live without WIFI or service then you should think hard about moving to the countryside. Rural areas are known for their poor reception and no service. So, if your life revolves around the internet then it is best to say in the city.  

The sky –  

Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful in the country when because it’s all you can see. However, it’s the night sky that brings major joy, because there is no light pollution the stars light up the night sky. If you are contemplating moving from the city to the country then the views are a big advantage.  

Crystal clear skies give stargazers stunning views thanks to Arctic blast |  Daily Mail Online

Community –  

When living in a city the people and neighbours like to keep themselves to themselves and don’t like to be bothered. So, if you are looking for a friendly community then the best bet would be to move to the countryside. It might be cliché but villagers are more involved and friendly with the community.  

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