Cost of Conservatory

How Much Is the Cost of Conservatory?

Are you planning a conservatory extension in your home but do not have an idea about the cost? Then you are in the right place. As far as the cost of conservatory concerns, you should expect to pay around £5,000. It is the cost of a basic conservatory. The final figure can vary depending on your property and requirements. One of the main factors that can affect the price of Conservatory is the design you want. There are other factors too, but it is the primary financial factor. Furthermore, there are various steps involved in the process of designing and building a conservatory that can affect the cost.

Do not worry! We are here to help the homeowners with the average cost of a conservatory. Also to help you get the value for the Conservatory. We will also explain the different factors that can add up to the cost and how you can save money.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Conservatory

What factors can influence the cost of a conservatory extension? Well, the first factor is the size you want because it is the main factor that adds up to the cost. If we talk about a small lean-to conservatory, it can cost you up to £4,000 while a medium size would be around £6,000. Another critical factor is the material you are going to use, such as uPVC. Other materials can change the average cost.

You can also choose brick to the glass, which has a significant impact on the average cost. So, keep in mind these factors while estimating the average conservatory cost. You also need to keep in mind that whether you are using the same material, its profile can also affect the cost. The reason is that the frames come with different thickness and widths, which plays an essential role in the cost.

Another essential factor that can affect the cost of Conservatory is the foundation. If you want it to last longer, then you need a solid foundation. Well, it should not be less than 1m, but it is essential to make sure that there are power cables, sewage pipes or drainage under it.

Another potential expense which most of us ignore is the planning permission. In some cases, you do not need one, but in some, you need it. So, it is better to check the rules and regulations with your local council.

Time of the year also plays a role in affecting the average cost. If you are buying the material at an off-peak time, you can find the best offers and deals. Furthermore, the choice of style is another factor that most people ignore, and it is an essential factor after size.

Most Popular Styles and Their Cost

No doubt having a conservatory is an excellent improvement for homeowners in the UK. Furthermore, it is more like a trend these days. Every year new styles come and go, but still, some classics will always be used. Maybe you have not decided a style yet, but do not worry, we will help you with that.

As we told earlier that it is a versatile way to improving the look of your home. You can use this extra space as a living area, dining room etc. It is essential to decide how you are going to use this extra space before building it. It is also crucial to choose a style that suits your style and needs and most importantly, within your budget.

Keep in mind that the average cost of Conservatory depends on the style you choose.

Cost of Conservatory – Lean-To Conservatory

If you are looking for an accessible style, then lean-to conservatory is one of them. We know that other house extensions can help increase living space in the home, but Conservatory is a trend, and it helps in increasing the value of your property. If you have a plan to sell your home in the future, then invest your money in something that can get you best deal.

A lean-to conservatory consists of a sloped roof and has a rectangular shape. It has three sides, and the fourth wall is your house’s. As appeared from its style, it seems as leaning on to the house.

Victorian Conservatory

As it appears from the name, a Victorian conservatory is influenced by the Victorian Architecture. Unlike the popular style, it has three or five facets. It is a great style to add to the architecture of your home. Furthermore, it allows maximum light to come into the Conservatory.

Edwardian Conservatory

If you want our opinion, then we will say that Edwardian Conservatory is a significant investment. It has a simplicity like a lean-to and appeal as Victorian. It is a considerable investment to improve the value of your property. One of its great features is the pitched rood that drains off rainwater.