Attic Conversion

Attic Conversion Guide for Homeowners

Becoming a homeowner is a dream of every man. A person does not stop the hunt for more living space. Whether you want a bedroom or any extra living space, it can also help in adding value to your property. Getting a full Home Extension seems a good idea, but such complete addition is challenging to build. Furthermore, if you are living in an area where homes are close to each other, then getting such extension is not easy and requires extra money. However, there is a way to get extra living space in your home by attic conversion.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can get a new space in your home without changing the exterior of your home.

Basic Things to Consider

Does Attic Conversion Qualify?

Before start converting your attic, you need to verify from the local council whether it qualifies or not. The rules for such conversion vary from one area to another. If it does not qualify then do not worry as there are some ways in which you can meet building code can convert an attic into a comfortable living space.

First of all, you need to consider the ceiling height. If you want to make it livable, then it should have a minimum 7 feet ceiling height. If it does not have such height, then you need to lower the ceiling or raise the roof. You may think that it is a daunting task, but it is not.

Another essential thing to consider is the heating and cooling of the attic. If we talk about building rules and regulations, the living space must be insulated enough to maintain a temperature of 68 degrees F. It can be done quickly using your existing heating system.

Cost of Attic Conversion

Just like with any other house extension, the cost of attic conversion depends on the size. The average cost is anywhere between £15,000 to £20,000. Again, keep in mind the actual price for converting depends on the location and size. If it is already renovated, then it can be done with a small budget.

Making a budget is easy, but sticking to it can be tricky. There are many changes and updates that space may require that can affect the estimated cost. That is why; we recommend our clients to have 10% buffer for any unforeseen expense.

Benefits of Attic Conversion


One of the first reason for making any conversion or extension in the home is that it increases the value of the property. A recent report shows that the return on investment of an attic conversion was 61%.

It means if you spend £30,000 on the renovation, then you can get £15,500 added the resale value of your home. So, investing in an attic conversion gives you more space and increases resale value. Furthermore, it is cheaper than any other addition because it already has a structure in place. It can be done in those locations where homes are close together. Because in such areas, expanding out is not an option.

Extra Income

If you want to earn some money, then you can rent out this extra space. It is a good investment for landlords and for those who want to rent out a room in their home. In this way, the renter will have its personal space. However, there are some formalities to rent out a room in your house. So, it is better to check with the local council before doing so.

Attic Conversion


Walls provide support for the attic, and it usually has knee walls. As you have a small space, so you need to maximize it. You can consider built-in seating to keep these short walls.


Well, the ceiling is the main focal point for any person entering the room. You can consider the sloped ceiling, which looks unique and exciting. You can get most of it by having a good design for the room.

Bedroom Conversion

One of the best ways to make use of this extra space is a bedroom conversion. The shape of an attic makes it a right candidate for children’s room. You can decorate it in a way that enhances the nature of the attic bedroom so that children feel comfortable walking around the sloped ceiling. If your kid is a teen, then it is a good idea to give them little space on its floor.

You can also use the bedroom conversion as a guest room. But make sure to add a bathroom but make sure to align it above another bathroom.

Home Theater

Some of the shapes of the attic are not suitable to renovate them for conventional use. In such a case, converting it into a home theatre is an excellent way to make most of this extra space. Make it soundproof to keep the loud movies at bay.