Double Storey Extension: A Beginner’s Guide

Double storey extension is a perfect alternative to moving house. The reason is obviously the cost which involves moving a house. Furthermore, sometimes we are emotionally attached to a house because we have spent so many years. So, why should we consider such option when we can increase living space and add value to our existing property. If you are a kind of person who spends most of the times at home, then adding another storey can provide space for your home office. Furthermore, you can consider a kitchen, bathroom, and more bedrooms. You can also create a space with a perfect view of the garden. In short, you can use this extra storey as the way you want it to be.One of the things to make a successful two-storey extension is to integrate rooms upstairs and down into your house. Adding an extra storey to your house provides you with more space for your buck compared to a single-storey extension. It is the best alternative for growing families and small homes.

Does Double Storey Extension Add Value to Your Property?

First of all, a person who wants another storey is to have some extra space. But it is also important to make sure that money you are investing in adding value to your home. Keep in mind that an extension may cost more than it is adding to the property. But in the long run, it is less expensive than moving to another property. After knowing about the legal fees, agent fees, and stamp duty involved in the process.In the UK, the value of a property determined by the price per square meter. If you want an idea about the worth of your house, you can check with local property agents. Sometimes, the asking price is more than the selling price of a property.

How Tall It Can Be?

How tall your double storey extension is? an important question related to planning. Planning policies say that your extension cannot be larger than the existing house. If a building has low ceilings, then it will be difficult to build an extension tall enough. There are some solutions such as lower ceiling heights or integrating upstairs rooms into the roof space.

Cost of Double-Storey Extension

The cost of an extension can varies from one place to another in the UK. The cost of labour is different from one city to another. Furthermore, the material you choose has a significant effect on the overall cost of the project. If you go with standard quality material then a double-storey will around £1,500 per square meter. While a good quality design will cost you around £1,700 per square meter.Keeping these numbers in mind, an extension of 40m square will cost you £53,000. We have not included professional fees and VAT. In areas such as London, you should expect to pay more than that. So, if you are going to estimate the cost of your project, you should at least consider around £75,000 for a two-storey extension with a footprint of 4m x 5m and standard finish.