A Guide To Houses In Ashford Kent

Are you wanting to move or buy a house in Ashford? If you are here are different types of houses explained so you know what’s most suitable for you.  

Semi-Detached Houses In Ashford 

A semi-detached house is a property that shares at least one wall with an existing property. The homes that are connected are usually mirror images of each other. Semi-detached homes save space and are cheaper than detached homes. These homes are very popular and provide an adequate level of privacy. However, the average cost of a 3-bedroom semi-detached house in Ashford is around £300,000. The only really downside to a semi-detached home is that it is a possibility that you could hear your neighbours if they are really loud. 

Detached Houses In Ashford 

Detached homes are structures built by themselves. No shared structural walls or hearing your neighbours what so ever. They have a great deal of space and privacy. And, most have front and back gardens for you to enjoy. The average value of a 3-bedroom detached homes in Ashford are around about £375,000. Detached houses are generally more. 

Terraced Houses  

Terraced homes are one of the most common and popular homes in the United Kingdom. They save a lot of space in the community. However, parking your car can be a nightmare at the front of your home. Terraced homes have a wall on each side connected to another home, essentially making a row of houses. The average value of a 3-bedroom terraced house in Ashford is £325,000. 


Flats are one of the most known about homes in England. These homes are usually given to people that live alone or have a small family. Flats are often being offered as a series within a single building. But, flats are known for their space-saving qualities. The average value of flats in Ashford are around £200,000. There are many different types of flats as well such as, converted, split-level and studio flats.

Bungalows In Ashford  

Bungalows are single-storey detached homes. The difference between a bungalow and detached home is that a bungalow is a lot smaller with usually no stairs. These homes are usually very small having a small number of rooms However, you may have an attic. This home is quite popular to older people as it is small. however, it has no stairs to get up. The average value for a 3-bedroom bungalow in Ashford is around £300,000. 

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