Why Modern Architecture Became So Popular

What Defines Modern Architecture? 

 Modern architecture has something for everyone, Even if you prefer other styles. There are some elements of modern design that will appeal to you. Modern architecture is clean and simple. It is defined by clean lines and minimalist interiors that allow the structure to speak for itself and take center-stage. To keep it simple, modern architecture focuses more on industrial metals such as steel, concrete, and glass. These metals give the architecture the simplistic look that a lot of people find aesthetically pleasing to look at. The thing about modern architecture is that it remains unique in fact, modern architects have created some of the most unique designs to date. And even though the interior is minimal the designs are so unique the houses never look boring. 

A large misconception that a lot of people have is that modern houses are not very homely and are cool and cold. This is because of the open spaces and the minimal furniture that people usually choose. However, a large number of modern design features are naturally warm and inviting. For example wood and stone accents and floors and also warm lighting. Another inviting feature most modern homes have is floor-to-ceiling fireplaces, large windows that let in natural light, and high vaulted ceilings. A lot of modern plans contain fewer walls to create an open living space and make the place more welcoming.  

Visualized by: Alex_nerovnya

Architecture Post WW2

After World War 2 modern architecture was at its highest. The wartime industrial demands resulted in shortages of steel and other building materials. This meant that people were using inexpensive building materials to rebuild their houses and offices because they were cheap enough to mass-produce. They mainly used reinforced concrete and some steel to rebuild the majority of homes. They made the houses open plan with vaulted ceilings to create living space, and also used large windows to let in more daylight. 

Architecture Post WW2
Image: Rufus Knight

Nowadays modern homes are more expensive to build and to buy because they have gained a lot of popularity. The majority of people would like a modern home because of celebrities and posts online. However, modern homes are also a lot more expensive than traditional homes. This is because they need more materials to make the house more durable. Also, because traditional houses are made from brick, and modern ones are made from concrete, which is more expensive than brick.  Although, modern houses are becoming popular the most desired and common house style in the UK is the Tudor houses.