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Learn all about Architectural rendering and what it’s used for

What is architectural rendering? 

Architectural rendering is the process of creating images that illustrate the planned design of a building or space. The goal is to make a highly detailed, lifelike experience of how the project will look before it is built.  

Pros of architectural rendering –  

There are many benefits to hiring someone to render your project, and some of them are:  

  • It can develop design ideas more accurately  
  • Keeps the client excited about the project 
  • It can identify problems in the early stages, to reduce costs 
  • It’s easier for clients to understand and communicate design ideas  

Realistic quality –  

When it comes to Rendering images, you can make it so it looks like a photo, with realistic quality. In interior renders the precision for details is vital. For example, furniture, lights, shadows, reflections, views, and also where you locate an object.  

What you can achieve with computer renderings –  

  • Still renderings 
  • 3D Walkthrough and flythrough animations  
  • Virtual tours 
  • Floor plans  
  • Photo-realistic 3D rendering  
  • Realtime 3D render 
  • Panoramic rendering  
  • Light and shadow study  
  • Renovation rendering  

The four main types of architectural rendering –  

  • External 3D visualisation  

 This type of render is one of the most widely used ones in the industry. There is no better way to show the outside of the building to a potential buyer than with realistic images.  

  • Interior rendering  

Interior design plays a crucial role in selling and promoting any interior space. Realistic pictures allow designers to present the ability, unity, and spaciousness of the interior space to the clients.  

  • Panoramas 

 There is no better way to show off a building or place to the viewer, than by a real-life 360-degree experience. this is currently one of the biggest trends in the architectural industry. Although, this may take longer to create, many have said it is worthwhile.  

  • 3D animation  

 In addition, this type of 3D rendering has been compared to be like watching a short movie. The render would be able to smoothly go through different rooms of the project. While being able to see every tiny detail. A lot of clients prefer this type of render because it’s more expressive and real. It also helps save time, effort, and cost.  

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Rendering: Your Questions Answered

Here is some information about rendering you may need or want to know.

What is a rendered wall?  

Rendering is applying cement on an external wall of a building to make it look smooth or textured.  

Does rendering add value to your home? 

Rendering your home is a good choice to increase value to your home. It has been known to have a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the home. 

Is rendering waterproof? 

In addition, rendering is very waterproof. Water is beat back from the surface as it forms droplets and rolls off. Water will not be absorbed. 

Do you need planning permission? 

As long as the materials used have a similar look to the existing materials on the property you will not need to apply for planning permission. It would fall under permitted development. The only time you do apply for planning permission rendering is when you decide to change materials or you’re working on a listed building. 

What is planning permission? 

Planning permission is official permission from your local council. The permission granted is so you can carry out certain types of construction work on a new or existing building. However, sometimes you won’t always need planning permission as it may fall under permitted development. 

What is permitted development? 

Furthermore, permitted development rights are an automatic grant of planning permission. This allows certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without having to make a planning application. But, you must follow permitted development guidelines. 

Why would someone render a wall? 

Finally, this can hide poor-quality brickwork, which is usually found in older properties. However, it can create a smooth and modern finish. Rendering your wall can create a waterproof finish making the home more durable and less prone to damp. 

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