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New Murabba: Saudi Arabia’s latest mega project plans 

About the New Murabba –  

Riyadh will officially be the home to the world’s largest modern downtown. The New Murabba is reportedly the size of 20 empire state buildings.  

Firstly, the crown prince announced on February 16th the launch of the New Murabba development company. The development will have over 80 entertainment and culture venues, walking trails, an immersive theatre, a new landmark called The Mukaab, “ever-changing, immersive worlds”, and a museum. 

The size of the project – 

So, the downtown is scheduled to be completed by 2030. The project will cover an area of 19 square kilometres and will have over 25 million square meters of floor area.  

New Murabba will accommodate over 100,000 residential units and 9,000 hotel rooms. Additionally, over 300,000 jobs will become available. Furthermore, there will be 1.4 million square meters of office space and 980,000 square meters of retails space.  

The Mukaab –  

Located at the heart of the futuristic city lies The Mukaab. Which will be one of the largest built structures in world. 

The skyscraper will be 400 metres high, 400 metres long, and 400 metres wide, and will be an immersive destination brought to life by digital and virtual technology. 

The exterior of the structure will feature a delicately carved geometric pattern as a tribute to the kingdom’s Islamic history. In addition the Mukaab is inspired by modern Najdi architecture. 

 Also, holographics will also play a key role at the site, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in various environments. 

Image Courtesy: New Murabba website

Will this project help the economy?  

The crown prince Bin Salman has been trying to remake the country’s economy in a bid to bring in outside industry. Also, diversifying the country’s economy so that it is not so reliant on oil seems like a pretty common-sense idea, given that the world is slowly transitioning to renewables. 

Here are some pictures of the New Murabba –  

Image Courtesy: New Murabba website

Finally, check out this video of the New Murabba –

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Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Architecture

If you are looking into building a commercial property or renovating an existing one, then hiring the right architect is key. A professional, architect can help turn your dreams into reality. 

What is commercial project architecture?  

So, commercial architecture is to design functional buildings and structures that will be used to provide a service to people. Commercial properties could include offices, restaurants, shops, warehouses, hospitals, and so on. As a result, this type of architecture focuses on combining function with style. This helps to meet the needs of the business. 

What is the architect responsible for on a commercial project?  

The architect is in responsible charge of construction means, methods, techniques, safety procedures, and precautions of everyone working on the project. In addition, the architect must also obtain proper licenses and contractors’ general liability policies in order to perform construction services.  

The architect is responsible for the total cost of the design and construction, as well as, the timing and stages. For instance, dates and time frames of when the projects should be completed.   

There are three main categories in commercial architecture. This includes:  

 residential architecture –  

Firstly, residential architecture is the design and development of properties used for living. For example,  

  • Apartments 
  • Family homes  
  • Flats  
  • Maisonettes  

office development –  

So, Office development is about creating a new space that helps the business and employees thrive and achieve their goals. For instance, the types of offices are:

  • Corporate headquarters 
  • Studios 
  • Office buildings  

 industrial architecture –  

For example, the types of industrial buildings are:  

  • Warehouses  
  • Factories  
  • Breweries  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Powerplants  
Commercial architectural

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hello, how are you Commercial architecture is the design of buildings and structures for use by businesses?

Change of use Architecture is an architectural practice comprised of Planning Consultants, Architectural & Interior Designers, and Senior Architects. We also have a branding facility, which offers corporate identity design to blend with your newly refurbished space.

Our team is proud to have a proven track record in planning submissions. With over 1400 changes of use and residential applications to date, we understand the importance of successfully obtaining planning permission with your first application. This is because it facilitates future applications from the change of use landlords or tenants.