Do you need an architect to build a swimming pool in the UK?

For a lot of swimming pool projects, an architect will be the starting point. In this blog, we will explain whether you need an architect or not for your swimming pool installation.  

Do you need an architect for an outside pool?  

For an outside swimming pool, it is unlikely that you would need to hire an architect. However, you will need drawings and structural drawings as part of the building warrant application process. You don’t need an architect for structural drawings.  

Will you need an architect to install an indoor swimming pool?  

You should hire an architect to install an indoor swimming pool. They will usually involve the construction of an extension or new build. However, architects are a crucial part of any construction project and they have the necessary skills needed to help you with anything. In our opinion, an architect will help the entire process, which will result in a smoother building process and less stress.  

Benefits of hiring an architect for your pool  

Architects will be able to help you with:  

  • Drawings and design 
  • Planning permission 
  • Structural analysis  
  • Building warrants  
  • Help you save money when the construction begins  
  • Outlining building schedule  
  • Onsite supervision of the construction  
  • Liaising with contractors  

How close to the boundary can you build?  

When installing a swimming pool, you need to make sure that you are following protocols and laws. The pool can be at least 1m from the boundary line. And the landscape between the boundary line and the pool to enhance the overall appearance of the space.  

Can you build a swimming pool without planning permission?  

Homeowners with large enough garden space can build an outdoor pool under permitted development rights. Swimming pools are covered by class e for householders and can be built without planning permission as long as you stay within the regulations.  

How much does it cost to install a swimming pool?  

The lowest price for a professionally installed outdoor pool starts at around £15,000, but for this price, you’ll probably get a small pool. However, an average-sized pool would cost around £40,000 or so.  


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