Oak framed extensions: everything to know before building

An oak frame extension not only provides you with extra space but also brings warmth and character to your home. Here’s everything you need to know when planning to go for oak.  

Why choose an oak framed extension?  

There are many benefits to choosing an oak frame in your build, for example:  

  • The aesthetic – Many people like the look and feel of oak wood, its warm and cosy but also strong and reliable. The oak wood is also sustainable and is an eco-friendlier material.  
  • Faster to build – you can often get oak extension kits, meaning they are built and pre-assembled in workshops. While they are being made groundwork and other preparation start on site. Once completed the oak frame kit is delivered to the site and assembled in a matter of weeks.  
  • Will add value to the property – building an extension will always add value to a property. However, oak is considered to be a luxury becoming an investment down the line.  
  • Oak or timber? – if you are on the fence between the two woods oak is better for framing. Its strength and hardness work better in large, interlocking joints than soft woods do.  

Would you need planning permission?  

When it comes to any extension you must follow the planning rules. So, if your oak extension falls within permitted development, you won’t have to purchase a full planning application. Whereas, if you extend over 6 meters then you will need to apply for planning permission.  

Designing your oak extension –  

The easiest and most cost-effective way to build an oak extension is by working with an oak frame company. These types of extensions also use a variety of materials such as brick to create walls and are sturdier.  

How much would it cost?  

Because the oak frame is considered to be a luxury or premium building material it is more expensive. The average price of the project per square meter would be around £2,500. You also should keep in mind that you need to purchase other elements of the extension. For example, glazing, electrical, interior design, and so on. This means that you should budget accordingly before jumping straight in.  

How long do oak framed buildings last?  

If the building is constructed and maintained properly an oak frame structure can last for around 200 years.  

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