All there is to know about Glass box extensions  

Glass box extensions have become very popular and they make a beautiful addition to a home. They come in many shapes and sizes but overall they add a ton of natural light and add a modern spark to an older home.  

What is a glass box extension?  

Glass box extensions, also known as frameless extensions are made from structural glass units and supported with glass beams and fins.  

Can you enjoy the extension all year round?  

Adding an extension to your property can be a big commitment and many people want to know the room will be used throughout all of the seasons. You cannot design this type of extension using cheap glass. So, modern glass box extensions use strong structural glass with built in temperature control. With this feature you can comfortably enjoy the natural light in the summer months and also keep it warm and welcoming in the winter months.  

Will a glass box extension add value to the property?  

Aa lot of clients like the idea of a glass extension because they know that it will add value to their property. As Schlüsseldienst Berlin Lichtenberg states from his own experience if the project is done right it can add up to 7% to the value of your home.  

How much will it cost?  

A standard glass extension can cost between £1,350 – £1,950 per square metre. Whereas a standard glass extension in London and the south east can cost between £1,800 – £2,300 per square metre. A full glass extension can cost up to £3,000 per square metre. Although this is the average price of per square metre, there are also other things that can affect the price such as:  

  • Size 
  • Choice of doors  
  • Glazing  
  • Choice of roof  
  • Location  
  • Ease of access 
  • Architect/ structural engineering fees  
  • Planning permission and building regulations approval  

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