The informative basics to a Chalet/ dormer Bungalow

What is a Chalet bungalow?  

A chalet bungalow is a type of bungalow house that has a small living space on the second floor or loft. A bungalow is generally considered a one-storey structure that is detached from other structures. The chalet bungalow is still essentially a bungalow because it matches the criteria that comprise a bungalow-style home.   

However, people may say that they are really one and a half storeys and not bungalows. They are referred to in British a “chalet bungalows” or “dormer bungalows” 

History of the bungalow –  

The term ‘bungalow’ originated in the Bengali region of India, meaning ‘house in the Bengal style’. These houses were traditionally small, of one storey and detached, and had a wide veranda. The bungalows were built in India for English sailors of the East Indian company. The bungalow became known in Britain, and then America, where it had high status. 

Later in the 1960s, the form evolved into a chalet bungalow with bedrooms in the roof space, with dormers.  

Things you need to bear in mind before you convert –  

Before you start converting your bungalow there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, you need to make sure that you have enough room to install a staircase to access the floor above.   

Another thing to consider is that when converting a property into a chalet, it’s essential that there is plumbing on the new floor. This is so you will be able to have heating and water if you are creating a bathroom.  

How much does it cost to build a chalet/ dormer bungalow in the UK?  

As dormer conversions are relatively straightforward to add to a home, they are the cheaper type of conversion. They would typically cost around £31,000 – £58,000 depending on the size of the conversion and other factors. 

How long do they take to build?  

Most dormer/ chalet extensions can be completed within as little as 6 – 8 weeks. Although, you should keep in mind that the design and planning process can take longer than the build itself.  

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