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Learn all about the cost of building 2022 

The build cost inflation has been increasing at a rapid rate. The factors of Brexit and covid 19 have made the costs of both materials and labour increase massively. They have contributed to supply issues and the volumes of delays to imported goods have had an impact on construction costs.  

How much does it cost to build a house?  

The cost to build a new house in the UK will depend on a number of factors. Some of the big ones include the size of your property, the materials you use, and the number of trades people you decide to hire.  

So, because every project is different and each client has different wants and needs it is almost impossible to get a standard quote for a build project. However, averagely to build a house in the UK in 2022, you can expect to pay anything from £1,500 – £3,000 per m2.  

How much has building work prices gone up? 

Prices have increased over the past 2 years for several materials, due to lead times and growing demand. Year on year prices for all building work rose by 27.2% from May 2021 to May 2022. 

Some materials which continue to be affected –  

  • Timber – timber was up 30% in April 2022. 
  • Roof tiles – prices of roof tiles have risen 24% in a year.  
  • Steel – fabricated steel rose by 52.7%.  
  • Bricks – brick prices increased by 12%.  
  • Concrete – concrete bars are 64% more expensive than a year ago.  

Will the building cost go down in 2022?  

Furthermore, these higher material costs have led to rising inflation costs. Meaning it is unlikely for construction costs to go down in 2022.  

Is it a good time to build?  

Although, the costs and interest rates are rising it would be better to build your dream home sooner rather than later. It is likely that the cost will keep on increasing. So, it is an investment to start your build project now.  

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Building a bungalow: the pros and cons

In the UK bungalows are one of the most sought-after types of home, but they seem to be the most unavailable. Many homeowners have said that this type of property is the ideal place to live. This is why many home buyers are thinking of building a bungalow themselves.  

Designing a bungalow – 

When building any home making sure that it gets a load of daylight is a major priority to many people. Bungalows are usually wide, so you need to make sure that sunlight reaches nearly everywhere on the property. 

 A way to make sure that you can get a lot of light and to make your space more modern is by making an open plan bungalow. An open-plan area is great for bungalows because it can make the space feel bigger and airier.  

A great feature to add to the design of your project is a lot of glazing. You could have tall vaulted ceilings and add a number of skylights to make the place look more luxurious. Installing bi-fold doors is also a great thing to think about when designing a home. They provide the sense of bringing the outside in and are a great choice if you like to entertain because they open up the area.  

Pros and cons of building a bungalow –  

Pros –  

  • Space and privacy  

Bungalows generally come with more space because they are wider than a traditional house. This means that their plot is bigger and there is more space between neighbours, so you end up getting more privacy. Having other bungalows next door to you often means that there will also be fewer people overlooking your property.  

  • Great for all types of people  

One of the biggest pros of a bungalow is that they are suitable for everyone. Because there are no stairs this property is great for the disabled, the elderly, and children. Without a second floor, it is easier for people to get around their homes and do things independently.  

  • Less maintenance  

A reason why older people go for bungalows is that they are a lot less maintenance than owning a larger home. It is smaller property meaning it would be easier to clean.   

Cons –  

  • High demand, low supply  

Bungalows are hugely popular but there are fewer and fewer being built.   

  • Lack of sleeping separation  

A thing that some buyers dislike is that there is a lack of separation between the living areas and the bedrooms. This can be an issue for those who are sleeping and those who are awake making noise.  

  • Security worries  

Most people sleep with their windows open, but this can cause security worries for those living in a bungalow. It may be best to install a security system if you’re thinking of building a bungalow.   

How much do bungalows cost to build?  

Bungalows then be more expensive to build and they cost more per square foot than two-storey dwellings with the same number of bedrooms. The total average cost of building a bungalow can range anywhere between £181,000 and £552,000. The cost of a bungalow is heavily influenced by land costs and the size of the plot.