Side Return Extension

Side Return Extension – Beginner’s Guide

Side return extension is a popular house extension and a great way to extend the end of terraced and semi-detached homes. In this article, we are going to share tips that will help you make the most of your living space.

What is a Side Return Extension?

Well, this type of extension is a narrow strip of land which runs alongside the ground floor. Most of the people use side return extension for dumping outdoor equipment, bikes, and bins. This way of extending the living space is called the side return extension.

Whenever someone sees your home from outside, it feels like you have gained some few extra feet inside the house. But these few feet or meters can make a significant difference to the interior of the house. The owner feels that they have more space inside the home. However, to make the best use of this space, you need an excellent design to make it brighter and more prominent with some functionality. In this regard, the Architectural Services Provider can help you make the most out of this limited space.

For example, you have a small kitchen, and there is an extra space where you can put a table where people can sit around. This type of extra space can make a big difference. But if you have a big property, then adding a kitchen island, dining, and seating area can make a significant difference.

Planning Permission for Side Return Extension

There are some extensions where you do not need planning permission; such is the case with side return extension. If you are relaxed and careful with the design, then you do not need it. You can also consult with the design professionals in the local council planning department whether your project comes under “Permitted Development” rights or not. However, you still need to comply with the building regulations.

On the other hand, some professionals always advise their clients to apply for planning permission. We know that it is a lengthy process, but you will have the opportunity to be more creative about the design. Furthermore, you will be able to build the extension with different materials which are not allowed under Permitted Development.

Light from Above

Using natural light inside the house can help make the extension brighter. That is why; we recommend our clients to introduce light from above. On the other hand, if you go for a single-storey extension, choosing skylights is a great way to make the living space brighter. Another excellent option for you is the all-grass roof. But you need to keep in mind that you need to clean the roof windows.

Most of the roof windows can rotate 180 degrees which means you can clean them easily from the inside. Another thing to keep in mind is the privacy of your house. Using skylights is a great option when it comes to privacy.

Bring the Outside In

Full-size windows allow more light into the house. There are various types, including sliding, fixed, bi-folding patio doors. It all depends on the space you have to choose a window type. We recommend the floor to ceiling windows because they improve the connection with the garden.

Larger Space

Another thing to consider for side return extension is the sort of extra internal space you have. How you are going to use this extra space in the home. We will recommend you to knock through walls to create more space inside your old kitchen. Furthermore, you can consider side return extension in an Edwardian and Victorian home that can run along with the kitchen and living room. Mostly, it is required to knock through walls for side return extension.

Back Garden Access

Rear extension into space can be attractive, but it can also affect the access to the back garden. That is why; it is essential to have a good design that does not affect the access. Another thing to keep in mind is the space to store your equipment and materials. One of the best ways is to leave space outside for a passageway into the back garden.

Party Wall Issues For Side Return Extension

Have you heard about Party Wall Act 1996? If not! Then you should know about this law. It is important legislation which is relevant to the side return extension. It is a framework which allows you to resolve disputes with involved party walls. However, it is not a big issue; you just need to have a chat with your neighbours. Maybe they are kind enough to sign the party wall notice. If they are not, then you will need a surveyor or need to pull back from the boundary. Furthermore, if you are digging foundations, then you need a party wall agreement. Hence, it is essential to hire a surveyor early to get this done before you start building the side return extension.