oak frame extension

Oak Frame Extension: Things A Homeowner Needs to Know

Oak frame extension is a great way to add some character to your home. However, there are lots of things a homeowner needs to know before starting work.

We know that the timber frame is a really good choice, oak is also popular for new build homes. There are lots of benefits of oak frame extension. One of the things that we like in oak frame is flexibility. There are lots of properties in which oak frame extensions suits including postwar homes to cottages. Furthermore, it brings character to your new extension.


One of the most cost-effective routes is to approach an architectural service provider or an oak frame company who is able to provide in-house design service. It is better to approach a company as it knows all the limitations, possibilities and challenges during the construction. It is important to make sure that it does not require any extra work to accommodate the frame. Like any other house extension, it is essential that the design relates to the existing house.

Planning Permission for Oak Frame Extension

Just like any other extension, you do need to comply with planning rules. There are some extensions that do not require planning permission as they fall under permitted development. You need to consult with local authorities about the style, size and requirements of the policy.

How to Build Oak Frame Extension

Most of the homeowners work with a company to build the extension. These companies can build and supply the frame. Nowadays, the oak frame is encased within a system such as timber panels or SIPs. The reason to use these materials is to meet thermal efficiency requirements.

Cost of Oak Frame Extension

Oak is a premium building material and hence more expensive. An estimate cost of oak frame extension about £2.500 square meter.

Well, there are various other factors that affect the cost of an extension and conversion. One of the factors is the price oak. I mean oak is expensive and roof rafter made of oak costs more than softwood. Another thing is the amount of glazing which impacts the cost. Furthermore, the complexity of the project and the location also affects the budget.

Things to Consider

If you want the work to go smoothly then the communication between you, builder and the oak frame company plays an important role. It helps keep the project on track and avoid long delays. There is a lot of groundwork required before the delivery of the frame.

Another important thing is the access of a crane which is required to erect both the SIPs and the frame. If access is limited then you need to find solutions. You need to keep in mind that is versatile and has some limitations. That is why; we will recommend you to get help from an expert who has experience with oak frame extensions.