Learn All About House extension costs in London

When it comes to building a house extension it is often much cheaper than completely moving house. However, London extensions have a premium cost compared to the rest of the UK. One of the main questions asked when planning to do an extension is “how much will it cost?”. So, in this blog, we will help you gain an understanding of the average cost of an extension in London.  

Every extension is different –  

When it comes to extensions many people think that you just build onto the back of your property. But in reality, there are many different types and sizes of extensions and each of them have a different cost. There are many different types of extensions for example:  

  • Front  
  • Rear  
  • Side 
  • Wrap around  
  • Double storey   
  • Or a combination of all of them  

How much does an extension cost in London?   

For a single storey extension in London, you will averagely be looking to pay between £2000 – £3000 per square meter. Whereas, in other places of the UK averagely pay £1300 – £1600 per square meter. So, a 20 sqm single storey extension can start anywhere from £40,000.  If you decide to go for a double storey extension you are looking at paying 50 – 60% more than a single storey extension. Although, it is harder to get planning permission on a double storey compared to a single storey extension.  

You may also need to take into consideration for extra fees such as an architect, planning permission and finishes on the project. All of these factors can increase the price.  

What are extensions in London commonly used for?  

Typically, the houses in London are quite narrow so one of the more common extensions people go for is a rear extension. Depending on the layout of the house this can extend either the kitchen or the living room to create a more open space.  

Why is it so expensive to build in London?  

  • London has more tunnels, including sewers, the tube and, mail rail compared to other cities.  
  • The narrow streets make it difficult to access building sites.  
  • To preserve London’s historical character there are many different levels of the planning rules.  
  • There is a worryingly large amount of unexploded World War 2 bombs scattered all over London.  
  • London also has a higher labour and material costs.  
  • The archaeology of roman ruins in the city also makes it hard for construction to take place.   
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