Cost to Move House

How Much Does It Cost to Move House?

Moving house is a huge deal- well, moving to a new home is exciting for the homeowners. But the main problem is to plan everything for the day. Moving does not only cost stress but also money. No matter, if you are moving to your own or rented house. So before move you need to know How Much Does It Cost to Move House?

Many people ask, “how much does it cost to move house?”. It is essential to consider the cost before the moving day. It includes the hiring of a vehicle, insurance, bills and fees. You also need to make sure that the new house is clean so also add this to your cost. Furthermore, you need boxes to pack your things which can cost over £20.

If you want to reduce the cost, then you need careful planning. It also depends on the prices you get for things you need. Organising everything and looking for the best prices on the market can help you save money. With proper planning, you can also avoid unexpected fees. Also, make sure that the company you are hiring has adequate insurance and licenses.

How Much Does It Cost to Move House in 2020?

The actual cost of moving depends on various factors. However, you can estimate the average the price in the UK between £9,000 and £12,000 in 2020 as we told you earlier that the actual cost depends on various factors that decide the cost for you.

In some areas, hiring a removal company can cost higher than the national average. It also depends on the area you live in. For example, if you are living in the south of England and London, then the fees will be higher as compared to the north of England. Another thing to consider is the size of your move, petrol prices, packaging, insurance etc. Furthermore, if you are moving far away, then the moving will be expensive.

It is better to make a list of things that can add to your cost. After that, get quotes from companies to help you get the actual price you need to pay. It is an excellent approach as it helps in finding areas where you can save money with few tricks.

Estate Agents Costs

If you are wondering “How much does it cost to move house?”. You need to keep the factors in mind that effects the cost of moving. If you are moving to a new house, it means you are selling your previous home. The estate agent will sell the old home for a percentage of the agreed sale price. The average percentage cost of selling a home is around 1.2% of the sale price. However, there are services which help you sell a home at a fixed fee.

Cost of Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a government tax that you need to pay when you buy a residential property or land if the cost is more than £125,000.

If you are buying a property for the first time, then you can avoid these taxes, If the property you and other connected to purchase are buying for the first time and its worth is less than £500,000, then you can avoid stamp duty.

If you want to know the actual amount you need to pay then you can use HMRC stamp duty land tax calculator. Your estate agent can also help you with that.

Initial Deposit

No matter, you are buying a house or renting one, you need to deposit to secure the deal. In case of purchasing a property, then you need to deposit 5-20% of the purchase price. But if you are renting a new property, then you need to pay four weeks rent in advance. It is basically a deposit protection scheme, so make sure before you send the money.

Valuation Cost

It is essential to evaluate the property before applying for a mortgage. The process includes a visit of a lender to the property and will assess its value. Then the lender will decide the amount he or she wants to lend you. Another cost that you need to keep in mind is the valuation fee which depends on the value of the property. On average the fee can be between £100 and £1600. Some lenders do not charge any money to evaluate the property.

Removal Costs

Some people think that doing everything on their own can help save money. However, the process is very stressful and time-consuming. You can get a removal vehicle, but you still need to pay for the insurance. In short, it can cost more than hiring a remover.

We will recommend you to hire a removing company instead of doing everything on your own. Furthermore, the removing company also offers packaging services for a small fee. It will help you save a lot of stress, and everything will be packed quickly.