How Much Does It Cost to Build A House in the UK?

As an architectural services provider, our clients often ask this question, “How much does it cost to build a house in the UK?”. After delivering more than 500 projects includes, including renovations, extension, conversions, and designing new houses and flats in the UK, we have concluded that the cost of a project depends on the drawings and quality of the materials. It is the only best way to estimate the cost of building a new house. There are various factors involved while calculating the cost.

Various industry standards can help in calculating the cost of building a house at the development stage. You can get a reasonable estimate, even if you do not have building regulations, drawings, and planning permission for your project.

The Cost of Building A House in London is the Second Highest
in the World

One of the factors that affect the cost is the location. The cost of building a house in one part may be highest to another. For example, the value of a property is the second-highest in central London.

However, there are various other factors too that influence the cost of building a house. The first factor is the location, and the others are competition for tenders, designs, and specifications. Another significant factor is the cost of labour which account for 40-45% of the total cost.

In this article, we are going to provide you with cost advice, which can help you determine the cost of your project. We are going to use industry standards in the UK. Furthermore, we will discuss three main factors that affect the cost and how you can prevent unforeseen expenses.


Whenever someone decides to build a house, they have a budget. There is nothing more exciting than owning a new house. But you start building the home without proper planning, and then you realize that the cost of building increased. So, how you can cope with such unforeseen

We know that it is a frustrating situation for anyone. It is also true that after such an incident, a person will want to band its head against a wall. Do not worry! We will give some advises that will help you prevent these mistakes from happening. The design of a house has a significant effect on the building cost. Hence, it is essential to work with some having a pleasant experience with designing projects similar to yours. The architectural services provider will help make your dream home a reality according to your requirements and taste.

Another important thing is to hire an experienced builder who understands the cost of a project. We have seen that many contractors under-quote a project, especially the design and build contracts. To avoid this, we will recommend you to hire an independent designer and make sure
that they are designing the project from the beginning. The architectural service providers must provide contractors with building regulations, tender drawings, and planning permission at the tender stage. This should be done before work starts to make sure that the builders can understand the design and estimate the cost. You should follow this process to make sure that the builder does not change the price during the construction.


Whenever we start building our new home, there are lots of options in terms of specifications and designs. These choices have a significant effect on the overall building cost of a house. High-quality means, you are going to spend more money on the project. These choices are about finishes, specifications, and fixtures of your project. Keep in mind that these choices also affect the speed of construction.

It is the responsibility of the architectural service providers to make decisions about the materials of the project. They should understand the cost of specific materials and how they can put more financial burden on the project. You must be asking why the details of specifications are so
important. Well, they are essential to complete the job. Hence, you need to know about them and the materials for determining the actual cost of the project.

The tender documentation must be accurate because it is the only way to build a house within an acceptable range. If you are planning to make changes in the drawings, then it can increase the cost by a significant sum.

Project Manager

The method of managing the project can also affect the cost of building a house in the UK. If you think that you can handle this on your own then you can save some money. If you do not know about the building process, then we will recommend you to hire a project manager.