How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost

How Much Does A New Kitchen Cost?

Many clients who want to build a new kitchen ask, “How much does a new kitchen cost?”. Well, there are various factors involved that determine the cost of building a new kitchen. In this article, we are going to break down these expenses and will help you build a kitchen within your budget. Most of the people do not know that they can cut down the costs while designing a new kitchen. In this guide, we are going to get in details and will start with the amount you should expect to pay with different types of kitchens.

We have gathered essential advice from ProArkitects experts to show how you can get the best kitchen within your budget. Well, the tips we are going to share does not involve low-quality material, that won’t last. It also means that your budget can go further than you have anticipated. However, in the long run, you will have a kitchen that meets all your expectations. So, follow this guide to your money in designing a new kitchen wisely.

Cost of A New Kitchen

Building a new one can cost more than a kitchen extension. You should expect to spend as little as £3,000 for building an entirely new kitchen in the house. However, for this kind of budget, you need to shop smartly at a DIY store for some suitable quality units. This amount does not include any appliances and fittings.

Cost of Open Plan Kitchen

The cost of an open plan kitchen depends on the space you have in your house. Furthermore, are you going to break downs walls or adding new doors or windows? These are the kind of things which can affect the cost of your budget. Sometimes, they are expensive than the kitchen itself.

But, if you are planning to renovate an existing kitchen, then the cost will be anywhere from £3,000 or more. You need to keep in mind that an open-kitchen requires more space than an average kitchen.

Cost of Kitchen Extensions

“How much does a new kitchen extension cost?” is another question asked by our clients. Well, the cost of extending an existing kitchen depends on the design as well as the professional fee, and build costs. Other expenses that add up to the price are the planning permission and building regulations approval. You also need to include the cost of flooring and decoration to your budget.

A single-storey extension costs around £1,500 per square meter for a basic build. But if you are planning to upgrade doors and windows too, then it will cost you between £1,900 to £2,300 per square meter.

Ways to Cut Down the Cost of New Kitchen

After all, you have decided to build a new kitchen and start finding kitchens inspirations online. Why not just start from Pinterest by creating a board with all the kitchen showroom in the country. After deciding, you finally receive a quote from the building. Now, you need to do planning to cut some cost of kitchen remodelling. There are the following simple ways to do it:

Reuse Materials

When we talk about renovations, it means you have an old kitchen, and there is a lot of material that you can reuse. In most of the cases; you can use the carcasses with some work and new doors. Do not worry; they will look still new with some renovation. If these are quartz or sold, then you can save hundreds of pounds by cutting them. On the other hand, if you have few, then use them on one wall, or you can buy more.

Reduce Wastage

Maybe you do not like the old kitchen, but still, there are things that you can use. If you opt to use the new materials such as doors, units, radiators, floorboards etc. then you can sale them. Furthermore, reducing wastage is an excellent idea as you will not need to pay for disposal. Well, you can dispose of them at your local council for free.

Be Selective

We will also recommend you to be selective about expensive things. We know that buying costly and premium material for your kitchen is overwhelming, but it also increases the cost of your project.

If your budget does not allow you to buy new units, then consider buying central feature such kitchen island and use standard units for the rest of the kitchen.


Do you know that reusing the existing space can save you from frustration? Even modern rooms can be satisfied by using the existing space. So, it is better to rethink the existing kitchen space.

Avoid Moving Services and Utility Meters

If you do not need to alter the usability or orientation, then it is good to keep them in the same position. It can considerably cut down the cost, and you can save money on gas, plumbing and electrical work.