Home Improvement Activities to Keep You Busy During Lockdown

Are you stuck in your home during a lockdown? Well, this is not the time to worry instead you should use this time for some productive work. What about renovating a room inside your home or repair a bath. Keep in mind that you are not the only one spending most of your time at home. Most people will start thinking that they are no more productive than they used to be. Well, it is normal as the pandemic of COVID-19 has restricted us from our normal life.

However, staying at home all the time does not mean that you cannot make good use of this free time. If you are working from your home or lazing around the whole day, there are many things that need your attention such as fixing or an upgrade.

If you are unable to sort it out on your own? Well, do not worry as these some DIY home improvement ideas will help you spend your free time in some productive work.

Fix Your Bath

A bathroom is a place in the home where most people try to put off repairs as much as possible. It is also true that fixing your toilet, bathtub or shower is a daunting task. But what if you are stuck in your during lockdown then it is an important repair to do.

Everyone in your family is at home, which means that more people are using the bathroom. In such a case, the last thing a homeowner would want is a major issue emerge from a small one. So, why not take some adhesive caulk strip and start fixing the tub. You can also use it on other surfaces to avoid leakage.

Fix Sharp Edges and Cabinets During Lockdown

Maybe you are ignoring the need for waterproofing and childproofing, now’s the time for you to complete these delayed tasks. These are really minor details, but in the long run, they can prevent major damages. So, it is time to fix those sharp edges and the cabinets. You need to make sure that the storage cabinets are waterproof. It is important to keep the things inside safe and dry.

Build An Extension During Lockdown

After fixing these minor issues what about an extension that you are planning for many months. What if you need more space for your growing family or why not just add a new home office in your home. Having an office in the home makes you feel at the office, where you can perform your office tasks as you are working from home during the lockdown. Having your own personal space is important to be productive.

When you are working from your home, it is difficult to keep everyone out of the room to focus on your work. So, it is time to plan a home office where you can be alone and think that you are actually working without disturbing or get disturbed by other members of the family.

If you want a home extension for your growing family, then it is the best time. The reason is that you can watch the work done without the tension of getting leave from the office. I mean it is better to do good for the family as you are stuck with them whether you want or not.


Another activity that you can think of is gardening. Especially, if you are the kind of person who is not fond of going out. You love gardens but do not have enough time to work on them. So, instead of getting bored at home while watching the same movies again and again, get your tools and start gardening.