Here’s all to know about getting a Location plan

What is a location plan?  

A location plan is a document that may be required by a planning authority, as a part of a planning application. A location plan provides an illustration of the proposed development in its surrounding area.  

It must be based on a up to date map and at an identified standard metric scale.  

A site location plan should include: 

  • A 1:250 or 1:2500 scale 
  • A red line marked up to show where planning is sought, or with a blued line to show any other property owned on the plan.  
  • A larger area of land than a ‘block plan’. (Often called a ‘site plan’) 
  • The general locality of a site requiring planning consent  
  • Mapping features like property outlines, roads, and other geographical boundaries  
  • A north point and copyright information.  

Will you need a location plan?  

Most planning applications need a location plan which shows the proposal in its surrounding context.  

How much does a location plan cost?  

In addition, locations plans can vary on costs depending on the scale chosen, the mapping chosen, and the company. A plan at 1:1250 scale typically costs between £8 and £20. Whereas, a 1:2500 scale plan costs between £55 and £75.   

The difference between a location plan and a site plan –  

A location plan is different from a site plan, which is specifically focused on providing more detail of the development within the site boundaries. However, a block plan may give a slightly wider illustration of the immediate area surrounding the site.  

How to get a plan –  

If you are unsure about what you need or how to apply for a locations plan, you can get in contact with Pro Arkitects and we will be able to help. Furthermore, use the contact us button down below and a member of our staff will be able to advise and assist you.  

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