Building a Garage:Pros And Cons

Here are the pros and cons of building a garage.

Garage Pros and Cons


Increase property value 

Building a garage can increase your property value by 10-15%. The property value of your home could become higher depending where your home is, especially if your street has on road parking. One, a garage increases the value as you have somewhere safe to put your car and second the value can increase as you now have a large extra space. 

Your car is safe 

Having a garage takes the risks away of having your car damages, broken into or even stolen. You will not have to leave your car on the street or driveway anymore. Also, car insurances can be cheaper if you leave you can in a garage overnight. 

Additional space  

Extra space is great! Everyone loves extra space. Now not only do you have a safe space for your car but now you have extra space for anything you’d like. For example, having your own home gym or DIY workshop. This room could also be used for storage purposes. However, if you decide to insulate your garage you could turn it into a home office or even a spare bedroom.  


More cleaning  

A garage normally gets dirty a lot quicker than the inside of your home would. This is due to having a car in there or even someone carrying out a messy DIY project. This will definitely add more add more to your list of maintenance tasks. 

Increases energy bills 

If you decide to insulate your garage and use it as a habitable living space this will increase your homes energy bills. You’ll have extra heating and lighting bills to keep the added space running. 

Prone to rodents  

One problem with garages is it is prone to rodents. For example, rats and mice. Rats and mice will try and enter your home and if they succeed that will be a huge problem for you. Garages can be the perfect environment for rodents as they are quiet, dark and secluded. 

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