Questions Regularly Asked About Garage Conversions

Does converting your garage add value? 

Yes. Converting your garage will add value to your home. Especially, when there’s on road parking. Having your car in a garage decreases the chance of your car being stolen or damaged. Converting a garage can add value to your home by 15-20%. 

Do I need to follow building regulations converting a garage? 

When wanting to turn somewhere into a habitable space then yes, you will need to follow building regulations. This will include fire safety, drainage, ventilation, electrics, insulation, and the overall structure. If building regulations are not followed you can be fined or made to re-do the work. 

What is building control? 

Building control is a service provided by building inspectors. The building inspectors’ job is to make sure that all conversions, alterations, or constructions have been done under building regulations. For example, Building regulations such as fire safety, ventilation, structure, drainage, and others must be followed. 

Do I need planning permission to convert a garage? 

You don’t usually need planning permission when converting a garage as long as the work is internal and does not make the garages larger. But before anything always check your permitted development rights. 

Do I need planning permission to extend my garage? 

As long you won’t require planning permission as long as the garages will not be more than 4 metres high, and doesn’t cover more than half of the land covered by the main dwelling. 

What is planning permission? 

Planning permission is permission from your local council to carry out building works of your choice. Your local authority will decide based on area, neighbours and if it will affect anyone. 

Different types of garages you can have 

There are three types of garages you can have which is attached, integrated and detached. 

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