Flat pack extensions: how to save money 

Every homeowner will need extra space in their home at some point in their lives. Most people think that moving house is the only option, when in reality there are many routes, you could go down. Flat pack extensions are a great way of adding extra space, and are way cheaper than a traditional extension or moving house. 

What is a flat-pack extension?   

A flat-pack extension is a home addition that is built off-site. Either in a workshop or a factory. Once it is constructed it’s delivered to your home, and then put together by the extension provider and a contractor.   

Just like a normal extension, there are many different styles of flat-pack extensions, for example:   

  • Steel  
  • Timber   
  • Brick    
  • uPVC   

How much do flat pack extensions cost? 

On average a flat pack extension can cost between £1260 – £1680 per square metre. A single storey extension (20 sqm) between £26,250 – £35,350. Including labour costs of £150 – £250 per person per day for roughly a week. Although, these prices don’t include fittings or finishings.  

Alterations to the main house –  

By adding an extension to your home, you will be making structural changes to the property. To ensure your home stays structurally sound, you may need to add steal support beams. You might need to hire a chartered surveyor to inform you of the condition of your property before the work.  

In addition, you’ll have to hire someone to install the plumbing, electric and gas before the extension is constructed  

How much cheaper are flat pack extensions compared to a traditional one? 

Flat pack extensions are the more affordable way to add space to your home. They can typically cost 25% less than a traditional extension. 

DIY –  

Whilst you could build your own flat pack extension, it might cost you extra if you make any mistakes. So, it might be best to leave the job to the professionals, as they are more skilled and experienced.  

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