Doors, Which One Is Best for You?

There are many different types of doors you can have in your home. For example: 

  • Wooden
  • Glass
  • Pocket
  • Aluminium
  • Roller
  • Pivot
  • Metal  
  • UPVC
  • Fiberglass
  • Flush
  • Dutch   
  • Sliding
  • Roller  
  • Hollow core
  • Hinged  
  • Veneered Timber
  • Composite  
  • Bi-fold exterior
  • French   
  • Panelled  
  • Barn
  • Saloon
  • Steel
  • Battened ledged

The best doors to use in your home  

  • Wooden  
  • Glass 
  • Fiberglass 
  • UPVC  

Pros and cons  

Wooden Pros 

  • Considered to be secure  
  • Wooden doors complement all styles of homes 
  • Decent wooden doors start around £100 and upwards  
  • Noise reduction  

Wooden cons  

  • High maintenance – you need to paint and varnish a wooden door re-applying as it weathers 

Glass pros 

  • Natural light – It does not matter if the glass is clear, tinted, low iron or satin it will not block the natural light. 
  • Strength – Toughened glass doors are known for their strength and durability. 
  • Glass is easy to maintain 

Glass cons 

  • Lack of privacy – You can see straight through glass but this can be sorted. 

Fiberglass pros 

  • Durable – Pet friendly, people friendly and weather friendly. 
  • Performance – Energy efficient Saves money on energy bills 
  • Easy maintain 
  • Versability 

Fiberglass cons  

  • Price – Fiberglass doors are more expensive. 
  • Sizing – The material is not easy to cut, so this is not great for exterior doors that are not normal size. 
  • Installation – The entry system comes with a full unit with the frame, it must be installed by an experienced professional. 

UPVC pros  

  • Durability 
  • Ventilation  
  • Low maintenance  
  • Security 
  • Soundproofing 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Insulation  
  • Fire retardant   

UPVC cons 

  • Structural Integrity – UPVC is prone to sagging due to their light weight and also because they are structurally not as strong. Too much heat can result in a rupture of their frames. 

Types of doors  


  • Textured glass 
  • Decorative glass 
  • Insulated glass 
  • Stained glass 
  • Frosted or etched glass 
  • Clear glass 
  • Clear class 
  • Single glass 
  • Double glass  


  • Internal 
  • External 
  • Solid oak 
  • Solid hardwood timber 
  • Hollow softwood timber 


  • Slide and fold
  • French  
  • Sliding
  • Casement
  • Lift and slide 

Steps to take that will make your front door safer 

Wooden doors are secure but just like any you will need a good lock. Other steps you can take to increase security are: 

  • A peep hole 
  • Door chain 
  • High-quality glass 
  • Secure hinges 

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