A guide to the different types of dormers  

What is a dormer roof? 

Firstly, a dormer roof is a built-in structure which adds space and height in a loft, they often always contain windows. Dormers are a popular investment because they can open up a dark and stuffy room.  

Here are some of the different types of dormers:  

Gable fronted dormer –  

A gable dormer is the most common type. It has a simple pitched roof with two sloped planes, supported by a vertical frame that rises so that a triangle section forms. It’s also known as a dog house dormer because they have a similar shape.  

They aren’t the fanciest architectural designs, but they became popular due to the light, space, and symmetry it adds to the home. Also, they help water flow down the sides and away from the windows. This helps prevent flooding, leaks and structural damage to the home.  

Image: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/283586107756021214/

Hip roof dormer –  

A hipped dormer is a roof composed of three sloped planes that rise from each side of the frame and come together at the ridge. Hip roofs aren’t as common as gable roofs because they are more difficult to construct, due to the complex system of rafters and trusses.  

Flat roof dormer –  

The roof of this dormer is a single flat plane, which is horizontal. Although, they are slightly inclined to allow water to run off. Many people opt for a flat roof because they are cheaper to build, and they allow for bigger windows.   


Eyebrow/ eyelid dormer –  

This type of dormer is a low wide dormer with a curved roof and no sides. They emerged in Britain when homeowners began to build small arched windows in their cottages centuries ago.  

Wall dormer –  

Rather than setting the dormer partway up the roof’s slope, a wall dormer appears to be a continuation of the wall above eaves level. They aren’t that common dormer types since they don’t add a lot of aesthetic value to the house. 

(Image credit: Chris Snook )