Window: Everything You Need To Know

Need a new window? There are many different windows you can have and here are 20 of them listed. 

  • Firstly, Awning 
  • Casement 
  • Double hang 
  • Single hang 
  • Picture 
  • Jalouise  
  • Tilt and turn  
  • Fully reversible  
  • Bay  
  • Sash 
  • Cottage 
  • Egress 
  • Slider  
  • Roof 
  • Skylights 
  • Glass roof 
  • Arched  
  • Garden 
  • Finally, Storm 

Casement windows  

Firstly, the casement is the oldest and the most versatile style of frame in UK. They are easy to open and close due to their configuration and many can even be installed alongside automatic openers. Double-glazed casement windows offer superior installation and security. They allow a lot of lights into the room. These windows are not compatible with screens or storm windows meaning you will not be able to use casement windows as they open outwards. In addition, there are 3 types of casement windows is single framed, double and push-out. 

  • Single framed are most commonly installed and tend to be cheaper. 
  • Double used to be known as French casement windows. 
  • Push-out come in both single and double. 

Double-hung windows  

A double-hung window has two sashes in a single frame, with both sashes able to slide up or down independently of one other. Double-hung windows are easy to clean and is an ideal fit when the height is taller than the width. So, these windows have outstanding security, with low profile, double cam locks that join at the sashes for an extremely secure and tight seal. Double-hung windows can be found in multiple places in the home. However, these windows are best in the bedrooms due to their ability to have both lower and upper sashes opened. This allows maximum ventilation. 

Jalouise windows  

Jalousie windows get their name from the French word jealousy, or to screen something from view. The parallel slats or panes of these windows would open much like the slats on Venetian blinds. When in the open position, they would allow maximum ventilation. There is little to no security with these windows as one can easily reach inside of one these panels. Also, having this type of window will make it difficult to keep the warmth in your home in cold weather. 

Fully reversible windows 

Fully reversible windows are one of the house styles that rotate fully and give you easy access to each side for cleaning. This window can give full ventilation when open. This modern style of window can give full ventilation when open. This modern style of window is perfect for high rise locations, such as flats or offices, where space around the window could be an issue. The window rotates on its own axis, opening to allow airflow and then rotating further so that the outer glass can be cleaned. 

Tilt and turn windows  

Tilt and turn windows have a mechanical hinge that opens on two axes. It has a single handle that you can use to tilt the window from the top to let in a light breeze or turn the handle to open the window from the side and open it wide for full ventilation and easy cleaning. In addition, the benefits of tilt and turn windows are that it has better air seals and they are made more secure. These windows have really good ventilation. 

Awning windows  

Furthermore, awning windows are hinged on the top and open outwards from the bottom, allowing for ventilation and protection from the rain. These windows provide protection from the weather while still allowing ventilation. This allows little no leakage from rain when open. Awning windows are ideal for high wind locations, less prone to the wind which usually blows from the sides, rather than the top. 

Picture windows 

A picture window is a large, fixed pane window. This window gets its name from the fact that is designed to give a clear view of your surrounding without any obstruction essentially acting as a picture frame for the scenery outside the window. Picture windows are stationary and can’t move or open. 

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