Pros and Cons of Hiring Design and Build Companies in London

In recent years, alternative delivery methods of construction projects have been used by companies such as design and build, job order, public, private partnership, and construction managers at risk. Many construction companies still use the traditional design-bid-build method. But now people are more interested in working with design and build companies in London.

Design and Build Project Delivery Method

The “Design and Build” is a project delivery method for construction. In this method, the owner contacts only one company for both design and construction. In short, a single company is then responsible for all things, including; estimations, schematics, pre-construction, architecture, subcontracting, and post-construction.

The owner will just contract with one of the designs and build companies in London. There are mainly two methods for the construction of a building – general contracting and construction management. However, this delivery method brings all the elements together. One team will provide you with architectural services, and the second team will do the construction. Both sides have to report to a single person. They will work together as a team and will try their best to reduce the cost and to complete the project at the scheduled time.

While in the traditional method, the owner had to hire the contractor and designer separately and then hope that they will cooperate with each other. We are saying this because the chances of fighting between the contractor and the designers are higher. Both parties need to work closely with each other, which is not possible in the traditional method.

Growth of Design and Build Companies London

The traditional design-bid-build method was the mainstay for the governments for the last 60 years. Still, the local governments are slow to adopt this new construction delivery method. They think that the traditional way can help get competitive bids for the projects. The main intention of this alternative delivery method is to save money and time. Hence, many countries are adopting the design-build method.

Both Architectural/contractors work together in a single contract. Furthermore, it is the best choice for bridge and highway construction and also after disasters such as floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Advantages of Hiring Design and Build Companies London

Furthermore, this useful procurement route is an excellent choice for developers as it allows a certain amount of control over costs. A company may have designers on its team, or it can contact an outside firm. When the design is ready, and both parties are agreed, then the contractor will take full responsibility for the project.

If there is no change made throughout the project, then the cost of the project will be unchanged. However, there is a chance that the owner can ask for changes in the design during the project. The contractor can illustrate how changes can affect the cost of the overall project.  Another great advantage of the design method is the reduction in construction time. One team is responsible for design and construction, which helps in saving time.

There is also a benefit for the owner; once the contract is agreed upon, the company will take the financial risk in the project. The prices of materials and labor can rise with time, which can affect the overall cost of the project. However, you have signed a contract with the company, so the owner did not have to pay extra.

Disadvantages of Hiring Design and Build Companies London

There is no doubt that the design and build companies in London are growing, but this method is not meant for every project. So, it is essential to take a look at the disadvantages of hiring design and building companies in London. Some people think that even if the owner and the contractor are pre-agreed on the price, the company will work on the lowest possible specification. Furthermore, the builder will have full control over the design of the building.

Another thing is that the contractors are not the architectural services providers. They do not have the necessary skills and experience to make a good design of the building. On the other hand, the actual architectural design providers have the ability to provide up do date work with both the design and legal requirements. There are some requirements that have not been mentioned in the law but still are essential for a building. Giving a free hand to a builder to take the responsibility of the design and construction is not a good idea, say some people.

Hence, many people still consider the traditional construction methods for their buildings. In the real world, both of the projects deliver methods that can provide successful results, and some can be a disaster. So, it is essential for the owner, designers, and contractors is to ensure that all of them understand the projects and are fulfilling the legal requirements.

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