How the Process of Architectural Design Works?

Are you going to build your new house? Then you need to hire an architectural services provider to get the design of your new home ready. The process of architectural design is a crucial step to make your dream a reality. So, today, we are going to talk about the process of architectural
design and how it works. We will go into detail about what you can expect from your architectural designers. We will talk about the significant steps and what you can expect from them when working with them.

Programming (Pre-Design)

The process of architectural design is the same, no matter which type of project delivery method you choose. In case you are working on your new home, then you can consider the design and build delivery method for your project. Anyway, in the programming phase, we evaluate the interrelated values facts, goals, and needs of our clients. We believe that a well-conceived program leads to high-quality design.

It is the first step, in which we meet with our clients to discuss all of their desires and needs from their new home. Furthermore, we gather all the information related to the building site. The scope, functionality, features, and purpose of home are defined.

We will ask you to consider both aesthetically and functionality of your house. We will also evaluate the time needed for completing the project. You will also need to tell us about the space requirements or the interactions and movements of the people going to live in the home. We
need to ask these questions to get insight into living conditions and uses. Using this information, we can design a home that is specific to you and your lifestyle.

At this point, we will also discuss the budget for your house. You need to keep in mind that the cost of constructing a custom home can vary from 200 GBP per square foot to 400+ GBP. Other variables that can add up to the cost of the house is the structure, size, specifications, and site.

Schematic Design

After gathering all the information in the programming phase, it is time to begin the design process. In this phase, we will give shape to your dream home through drawings. We provide a preliminary evaluation of the program, budget, and schedule developed in the first phase. We will start preparing the schematic design of the project to review with the owner.

These designs will be according to the schedule and construction budget of the owner. Whenever you get the first glimpse of the designs, it is essential to provide any feedback. It is not the final design, so that you can ask for any amendments. However, you must have a decision-making process with us during this phase. Once you approved the designs, it is time to review the drawings with the neighbourhood. You can also show the design to a builder if you are working with one.

Design Development

The design development phase is an extension of schematic design. At this phase, we will translate the drawings into a physical form. Once the schematic diagram is approved, it is time to complete the entire design. The schematic design includes all the detailed information that we get from team members and consultants.

In the DD phase, we do materials selections, preliminary structure, how systems, and detailing that reflects the concept of schematic design. Our team of professionals will work out detailed coordination issues to ensure that there are no major revisions required during the construction
documentation. Furthermore, we will prepare the floor plans for the initial review and approval.

It is a crucial phase, where your dream home fleshed out in the form of three-dimensional drawings. However, your involvement in this phase is essential as you need to make some decisions. You will find out that at this step, working with will be a fun and rewarding

Spending a lot of time in the design process is crucial to saving time and money when actual construction starts. The amendments in the design during the construction can cost you an additional fee. So, you need to speak up before moving to the next phase of design.

Construction Drawings

When you are satisfied with the designs, we will continue the process and will prepare construction drawings. These drawings are essential for communicating the project with those involved in the construction of your home.

CDs are the drawings that include detailed information on the components of your home that need to assemble. We will meet the consultants at this phase to ensure that the project is going in the right direction.

Last Words!

Designing a new home is a creative process that transforms your vision and ideas into reality. If you are building your first home, then it will be an exciting journey for you.

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