Design and Build

The relationship between the designer, client, and builder was always particularly fraught. These three parties spend most of their time gazing at each other. When we talk about the Architectural services providers, getting yelled at by a client is not a new thing. Hence, we always think of a better project delivery method that can resolve these issues.

In the past, the design and build method includes hiring the designers and contractors separately and then asking them to cooperate with each other, or you can say to fight with each other until the job is done. As an architectural service provider, we need to start our job first by designing the building. When the drawings are ready, a contractor comes to bid on the project. After winning the bid, the contractor can start building and make the design a reality.

In this method of project delivery, both of the parties go back and forth like a divorcing couple. They always wait for the project to be complete, so they both do not have to talk with each other again. On the other hand, the consultants and subcontractors have to bear the misery. Hence, the traditional method is full of stress and includes misdirection, last-minute changes, etc.

Design and Build Project Delivery Method

Instead of hiring both of the parties separately, you can make the process simple by hiring a design and build company in which both of the parties work together as a team. This type of approach opens the door for meaningful communication and purposeful collaboration to deliver the project. Just imagine that a client is sitting at the same table with builders, engineers, and estimators. This method provides a way with creative solutions, schedules streamlined, efficiencies realized, and resulting in costs minimized. 

What is Design-Build

The “design and build” is a construction delivery method that allows the owners to contact both design and construction parties for a project. In this way, a single company is responsible for every aspect of a build – from assessments, estimations, schematics, subcontracting, pre-construction to architecture, post-construction. A design and build company will manage all the contracts such as equipment, subcontractors, materials providers.

In this method, the owner contracts with only the Design-builder. There are two general methods for construction – general contracting (known as design-bid-build) and construction management. The design-build method brings all the elements together of a project. One entity works on the architectural designs and the other works on the construction. Both of them coordinate with one member of the project team. In other methods, another party looks after the design process, which can result in unforeseen costs and delays in the construction process. However, the design-build method is not the case as a single project team looks after the constructability and costs of different designs. In the end, you get a design that is cost-effective and scheduled streamlined.

Process of Design and Build Method

There are the following phases of the Design-Build Process:

Selecting A Design-Builder

In the first process, you select a Design-Builder. In other methods, you start by contacting architectural services providers. To avoid potential risks associated with the project design and construction, you need to have a competitive bidding process. The main aim is to find some savings in design and construction. So, you need to select a company with the best experience, team, expertise, and credentials.


It is a crucial phase to complete the job successfully. For this, you need to have assessments of your business and finances. The pre-construction staff will learn about your industry, business, vision, goals, and future needs. The design team will gather critical information and will assess the existing fire and smoke preparations.

Architectural Design

At this point, the team has a solid understanding of your needs, business, cost, mechanical requirements, project schedule, and facility’s architectural requirements. The project managers and construction team will partner with the architectural team to review the design for cost savings. At this point, you will realize that this construction method differs from others.


After having an architectural design, you can save a lot of time as you do not need a second bid phase to hire a contractor. As the design progresses, the design and build team will start preparing the job site. By doing both of the design and building processes, the team will meet the deadline. Furthermore, you will have materials vendors, a construction team, subcontractors, and all the same quality standards as you would have in other methods. However, the job will be completed on time and with a defined scope and accountability.


After the construction is complete, the design and build team will provide a post-construction handoff. It includes instructional videos, walk-throughs, core documentation for facility managers, teams, and owners. The owner should not overlook it as it is very critical for any build.