Identifying Different Parts Of The Roof

Here below I have named different parts of the roof and why they are there. 

  • Eaves – This is where the roof hangs over the edge of the exterior wall. 
  • Valley – The ‘V’ cut angle along the junction of two slopes of a roof. 
  • Ridge – This is the peak of the roof where two roof planes meet.  the horizontal line at the top of the roof. 
  • Ridge Tile – This is the tiles that are found on the ridge preventing water or any type of moisture getting through. 
  • Hip – this is where two roof faces connects and project outwards.  
  • Hipped End – the hipped end of the roof is the sloped roof face between two roof hips 
  • Gable – This is the triangular wall underneath where two roof planes meet. Keep in mind that not all roofs have gables. 
  • Gable End – The end of the roof is the edge of the roof above the gable. 
  •  Fascia – The Facia is the long strip that runs along the lower edge of the roof. This forms the vertical finishing edge. The Fascia is also attached to the guttering’s. 
  • Soffit – This is the material beneath the eave that attaches the edge of your roof to the exterior wall of your house. 

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