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Whether it’s rear dormer loft drawings, hip-to-gable extension plans, just a few Velux windows or all of the above, we can get your plans ready as soon as possible.

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Do you want an extra bedroom and maybe you even have space for an en-suite too. Most loft conversion plans don’t require Planning Permission these days but it is still extremely likely that you will need some form of Architectural Drawings.


Thinking of converting your loft into a new room? At Pro Arkitects – Design & Build Experts, our Architectural Design team will help you refine your loft conversion ideas and produce designs that show what your project will look like Some loft conversion plans may only need a Lawful Development Certificate rather than Planning Permission, but it is still extremely likely that you will need some form of Architectural Drawings. Our Architectural Design team can produce Architectural drawings of your dream loft conversion showing you a proposed floor plan of your space. These drawings can be submitted for Lawful Development or Planning Permission. However, it should be noted that although some contractors may be able to construct your project with planning drawings, in some instances your builder or Building Control may require additional building regulations drawings that can be used for building control approval.

You can check the UK Government guide HERE to see if your loft conversion are likely to need Planning Permission. Even if your loft conversion is considered Permitted Development (ie. doesn’t need Planning Permission), it is still a good idea to get a Lawful Development Certificate. This is basically just written confirmation from your Local Authority that you can build without Loft Conversion Planning Permission and definitely aren’t breaking any rules! The Lawful Development Certificate will also come in handy when you eventually come to sell your home. The Lawful Development Certificate Application requires loft conversion drawings of the exact type you would normally use for a Planning Application.

Loft Conversion Building Regulations Drawings

So you may already have planning drawings and/or planning approval for your loft conversion. Your next step would be to assign a Building Control to your project. Building Regulation drawings are usually not required for loft conversions, however this can entirely depend on your Building Control officer and the method of Building Control approval you are pursuing. If you require Building Requirement drawings, our Architectural Design team can provide you with detailed Architectural drawings of your loft conversion, specifying the construction methods and materials used in your loft conversion. All of our building regulation drawings have gained approval from several Building Control departments, so we guarantee that your building regulations drawings  will be drawn to the highest standards, giving you the reassurance that your loft conversion will be designed and constructed to the highest quality, and compliant with current Building Regulations.

Your loft conversion plans will definitely need Building Regulations Approval by either your Local Authority or an Approved Inspector. You can do this one of two ways;

1) A Building Notice
This is just a form that states you are converting your loft and it enables the inspectors to quote your fees and tells them to expect to carry out some site visits soon. There are no loft conversion building regulations drawings produced with this option and you or your builder can submit the Building Notice.

2) Full Plans Application
This is the one we would recommend as Loft Building Regulations Drawings are produced online by us and are pre-checked by the Building Control Officer before building work starts. This means you can be entirely confident that you will not building anything non-compliant and have to make costly corrections. The fast loft drawings we produce will include all the relevant detailed section drawings, a loft conversion specification and all relevant notes to get you Full Plans Building Regulations Approval. Your builder will also have a nice detailed loft plan to work from, further reducing the risk of mistakes on site.

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