Informative Things To Know About Block Plans And Site Plans

You may be asked to provide a ‘block plan’ in connection with various legal or application processes, such as transfer of land or making a planning application.  

What is a block plan?  

A block plan is a map that shows the site and its immediate surroundings in detail. They are drawn to a suitable metric scale which is typically 1:1000, 1:200, and 1:500, these show the detail of development or proposed development. In addition, a block plan enables whoever is dealing with your application to request or understand exactly where your site is.  

The term block plan use to be interchangeable with ‘site plan’. They are both similar in the way they show the development site. However, a site plan generally shows in more detail the contents and extent of the site. Whereas, a block plan shows less of the site and more of the surrounding area.  

Requirements of a block plan –  

  • North must be shown clearly on the map.  
  • The maps must show the entire development or proposed development site. 
  • The map must be correctly licenced for use.  
  •  The development or proposed development should be outlined in red. 
  • For planning applications any other nearby land applicant should be outlined in blue. 
  • For planning applications, the map must be recent, normally not more than 18 months old.  

Block plans are needed for –  

  • Planning applications – are made in order to obtain permission for physical development, or changing the use of land or buildings.  
  • Listed building and conservation area consent – if you want to alter or extend a listed building you will need consent.  
  • Prior notification applications – these may be made if you’re erecting or extending an agricultural building.  
  • Building control applications – applications need to be under building regs if you are proposing to do any structural work.  
  • Land registration applications  
  • Connecting with utilities – if you need a new or additional supply of gas, electricity, or water you will need to follow an application process.  
  • Licence applications 

How much will a block/ site plan cost?  

Finally, you can create your plan yourself online which can cost as little as £8.50 + VAT for the pdf. Some companies do charge more so you should look around for some prices. You should also keep in mind that if you have an architect create your plan then you will also need to pay their fees as well.  

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